A question, please and thank you

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A question, please and thank you
Mon, 07-06-2009 - 10:31pm

Hello! I'm not actually geoteo, I'm her daughter. I tried to sign out and then sign back in under my name, but it still says "geoteo." However, I have a question about my six-year-old son.

When do kids become interested in sex and decide to act it out with dolls? My son did so today with a female friend of his (Barbie and Wolverine got married and then needed "alone time"). He kept trying to get alone time, but kept getting interrupted. He seemed really pushy about it and asked several times. I was in the living room and they were in his bedroom when I heard him say, "Now, you lay down and I lay on top of you." They were acting it out with their dolls (he with Wolverine and she with Barbie). After that, they had to check on their doll child, and then my son wanted more alone time. His friend said no, because it was their doll child's birthday and they needed to spend time with her.

Does this kind of thing happen normally with six-year-olds? I remember playing with my Barbies when I was little and being amused that they had breasts, and Ken was fairly anatomically correct. But my male friends did not ever ask to lay on top of my Barbies.

This situation just makes me uncomfortable, but if I'm overreacting, I would like to know. As well, if I'm not overreacting I would like to know that, too. Thank you!!

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Mon, 07-13-2009 - 10:42am
Some kids are interested at an earlier age than others, it's been brought up on the board before.