Scared of Bathrooms; "Bloody Mary"

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Scared of Bathrooms; "Bloody Mary"
Thu, 02-08-2007 - 12:39am
My shy, sensitive six year old is scared--borderline terrified--of bathrooms and being alone, thanks to a "friend" of hers telling her about the legend of "Bloody Mary". Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle something like this? Thank you very much!
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Thu, 02-08-2007 - 9:55am

Well I don't know the tale of Bloody Mary but I guess I would just explain that it isn't true and the story is made up. I am assuming it is something made up. My dd just now feels comfortable by herself in our bathroom when we are on the other side of the house, not like it is that far but she was always a bit scared of being by herself. Most things that she sees or hears that may scare her I just downplay big time and tell her it wasn't real, normally it is from something she sees on TV. Usually works for me. Good luck!

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