So, what are you getting your 6/7 yr old

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So, what are you getting your 6/7 yr old
Tue, 11-28-2006 - 6:21am

Have you decided or finsihed what you are getting your 6/7 yr old. This is the first year dh and I have had disagreements about what to get and how much. It can be so fustratino. I just wondering what other 6/7 yr olds will be getting.

Mason is getting from us...a mp3 player, 2 video games, a pretend shaving kit

from "santa" he's getting a batman that shoots soft dart thingy's off his shoulder and a pirates of the Carriabien dress up set.

I still need to get one more things since his sister has 6 things we want to make it even, even if her's was cheaper he won't know that and can count (this is where the disagreement came in since dh said it didn't have to be even)


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Tue, 11-28-2006 - 2:38pm
I haven't decided finally yet. I think Trin will get a kitchen and Tre will get a "see yourself on TV" thingy...I agree, shopping is frustrating! I am going

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Tue, 11-28-2006 - 6:16pm

I thought about the tv thingy but I think it would last a week, though he loves music and loves to sing but that is also why I gave in and got the mp3 player (I'm still not happy about it and I've thought about taking it back, but it's wrapped).





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Thu, 11-30-2006 - 4:43pm
Nathaniel is getting new pjs and a new CARS outfit, some rescue heroes things, books, Jumpstart 1st grade and a travel magna doodle, he is also a getting ice age 2 from MIL and sis and BIL are getting him a CARS sleeping bag and road rug.


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Mon, 12-04-2006 - 8:22pm

We're staring down the barrel at the last 3 weeks before dd's 6th birthday & Christmas. And most of the stuff is very girly because that's the phase she's in right now (Barbie, Princesses, Tinkerbell etc)

Good luck! I'm sure you'll find something suitable for Mason. There are lots of great ideas at Barnes & Nobel (I picked up a Spy activity kit there that I'm looking forward to giving dd!)

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Tue, 12-05-2006 - 10:20am
I have two boys: one 5 and one 7. I like to encourage pretend play. Thankfully because I have two boys I can give them a couple of joint gifts and I don't feel so bad about the cost if it is a joint gift. I am getting them both a build your on fort by Cranium and a legos set that I will regret because the legos will be all over the place. Other things that they are getting are power rangers action figures. (They love power rangers) and some army action figures stuff (army men and tanks). The army stuff is because their cousin's dad was in the army and their cousin is adicted to army stuff and they want whatever he has. He just turned 8. Anyways I agree they should have the same number of gifts. Toys that we still love from last year are a castle with castle men that I got off e-bay, kids monoply and kids Jr. Clue. I'm hoping the video game stuff and game boy games come from friends or family. My son wanted an Mp3 player for his birthday but I got him a simple CD player instead and he was happy with that.
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Tue, 12-05-2006 - 12:03pm

I had to wait to reply to this one because I am so late in my Christmas shopping!

I got Derek the Dragonology board game and several Dragons figures to add to his collection (he is a HUGE dragon fan) as his 'Santa' gift. For his Christmas Eve gift from us I got him a book on the human body and an anatomical figure that has clear skin and all of the organs that can be removed and put back in to place. At least I HOPE that will make it here before Christmas! I just ordered it yesterday. I had no trouble with the dragon stuff - that was obvious. But I had a hard time figuring out what to get him from us. He told me he wanted Pokemon cards. I said, "really? that doesn't seem like all that great of a gift. Are you sure?" And Derek says, "Well, I don't want to be greedy..." Awwwwwww.... So I told him that Pokemon cards are actually kind of expensive and that if that was really what he wanted, I would get some for him, but that I could spend the same amount of money and get him something nicer if he wanted something else. So then he told me he was really interested in learning about the human body and all the organs.

I also got him a Pokemon Gameboy game and some other smaller stocking stuffer type things.

My daughter was way easy - she is five. I got her a Polly Pockets Rockin' Theme Park set from Santa and a Littlest Pet Shop set from us, along with a couple of other things.

Both kids also got a movie - Monster House for Derek and The Twelve Dancing Princesses for Elena.

I think that my mom actually got them an air hockey table. And I am the sucker here because I am the one who SUGGESTED this gift to my mom. But I was thinking of a small, table top version and I think my mom got a fairly large, freestanding one! Yipes!

Their Nana got Elena a couple of the 12 Dancing Princesses Barbie Dolls and Derek some Pokemon action figures, which he will adore!

I have to spread everything out of the bed tonight and make sure the gifts all look 'even and fair' but I think I am done shopping for the kids...


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Thu, 12-07-2006 - 3:01pm
hello!! over the "even" thing-i always had more in number, but my older sister always had more expensive gifts-and my mom said thats what happened with my girls when she bought this year-my 6 year old has more expensive things, but her sister has more by number...i think my girls are pretty even-i think they have about 11 gifts apiece(my other dd is 2 1/2). for my 6 year old:
a cabbage patch doll, an outfit, shoes, boots, 2 bratz dolls, a sesame street velvet poster set, a hat and gloves set, 3 coloring/activty books, crayons and markers, a my lil pony set and i think thats it...her sister got an outfit, a pair of dora slippers, 3 dora playsets, a baby doll, 2 mermaid dolls, a lil mermaid cell phone, 3 coloring/actvity books, crayons and markers, a my lil pony set and a pony with a rider. then of course their stocking stuffers, plus candy-my lil one gets a lil race car and my 6 year old is getting a barbie makeup set. i found a lot of great bargains at biglots and dollar tree...take care!!
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Wed, 12-13-2006 - 3:29pm

Sounds like mp3 players are the hot item this year again!
I have 4 kids- ages 7, 6, 4, and 21months.
The two oldest have been going to play at friends' houses recently and come home and complain that friend has a decorated room, which my kids don't have. We just say, there is no point in painting the walls when we are currently searching for a new house to buy! So the kids think it is hopeless. SO- when they go to bed on Christmas Eve, it will be in their boring rooms- but when they wake up they will have new sheet sets, new comforters, a poster, a new clock, and a new lamp as well as one of those toy organizer bins, etc. We are doing this for my son's room and the two middle girls who share a room. Of course, we will say that Santa must have done it- how else could all that happen in their sleep!? Not sure what baby will get from Santa- likely just a Dora doll and book.

Then from us they are just each getting a moon chair and the two oldest will get a mp3 player with a stereo docking thing (in two different colors, so there are no fights, of course) that are filled with songs and the 3rd will get a fisher price star player portable music thing with 2 music cartridges- don't know what baby is getting from us yet!!!

We are keeping it simple from us as they are getting a room makeover and as they have 4 sets of grandparents and a few uncles and aunts they get presents from. I know my parents are getting them the vflash system- it is great! We have the vsmile, but the games are kind of only suited for kindergarden ages. We asked everyone to just do a gift for all the kids to share rather than lots of little gifts for each kid- we don't need all the stuff anyway.

We did a lot of bargain shopping so the bedrooms cost very little, and the chairs are only $15 each and then the 3 players all bought and filled w music are $130, so we really didn't have to spend much considering how many kids we have!

The other thing about our Christmas that I love is that we have the kids go through their rooms and choose a few items they have outgrown to donate to a local charity. This clears some room and lets them see that just because they get new things, it doesn't mean they have to hoard it with everything else, it is good to share things with people who don't have a lot.

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Tue, 12-19-2006 - 2:52pm

Nick (7 1/2 yrs) is getting a power ranger megazord, a few weird Bionicle lego things LOL, a puzzle, some books, candy, power ranger figures, color wonder paper and markers, some sort of game I havent bought yet, and clothes (that's from us and all our family)

Emily (6 yrs) is getting the Biggest Littlest Pet Shop, some pets to go with it, the game Perfection, books, color wonder paper and markers, candy, polly pocket stuff and clothes.

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Tue, 12-19-2006 - 4:45pm
Fayth (7 yo) is really into music so she is getting a portable CD player and my sister got her an I-dog that plugs into it, we also got her one of those dance games that are a big mat that lights up. Then Santa is bringing her the shoes with the roller wheels in them. Plus we got a bunch of books and some new outfits and games for her DS. Happy Holidays!!