Software Question from lurker

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Software Question from lurker
Thu, 10-04-2007 - 1:26am

Hello Ladies! I am just a lurker, but really enjoy reading everybody's posts... I have a question for all of you... Does any of you use any kind of educational software with your 6-7 yr olds, I have a daughter who is 6, and of course needs alot of guidance in any kind of educational activities... I tryed one software today thatI have borroved from a friend but was not impressed at all...

So if you can share what kind of software you use for phonics, math, social studies etc.... Or maybe you know of a free online source for educational games, it would be even better... Or maybe some kind of toy computer, game station you can buy that has stuff for above age of 5... cause I looked in the stores and it all seems to be for ages 3-5...

Any input will be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

P.S. We have a new baby now so anything educational for my daughter that does not requre my full immersion like drawing solar system in 3D and standing on my head to explane something will be indispencible in my household LOL!

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