strange situation

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strange situation
Thu, 02-28-2008 - 8:33am

Hi everyone.This is my story:

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Thu, 02-28-2008 - 9:57am



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Thu, 02-28-2008 - 5:29pm
You made a very hard choice, but one that was best for your daughter, that's all that is important.


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Thu, 02-28-2008 - 7:55pm


Sending many hugs. Living with your mom is NOT giving up;
it's what you need to do so you can be with your Gia
while you get back on your feet. Keep reminding yourself
it's just temporary, and keep getting the other pieces of
your life back in place.


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Wed, 03-05-2008 - 3:19pm
Good for you trying to make things right. Believe me when Gia is an adult she will respect that you tried so hard to become a good mom, and IMO you are well on your way. In fact I wouldn't say you wre a bad mom to begin with. You took her out of a bad situation and had to deal with a lot yourself. Life kicks us in the butt sometimes and it's if you stay on your butt that makes you a failure, you have gotten back up and that isthe most important thing. ((HUGS)) you and your daughter are going to be just fine :)


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Wed, 03-05-2008 - 7:50pm


Please know that you are not a bad are getting through them. Please remember that Gia needs you. Live everyday like it was your last breath and don't forget that you are a good mom just going through some difficult situations. You will become stronger everyday. Just take one day at a time. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.