Teaching Right from Wrong

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Teaching Right from Wrong
Sun, 03-26-2006 - 8:57pm

Yesterday, my daughter came running in and told me that she found a cell phone on our mow strip. Well, I turned it on to see if it was still active and sure enough it powered up. I scanned the phonebook and found an entry "home". I dialed it from my home phone and explained to the woman on the other end that we had found a cell phone and this number was marked as home. She asked her husband and sure enough, their son had lost it. So, I go outside and my daughter says "Tim (a neighbor boy) says it's his phone so I gave it to him. Just then an SUV pulls up and a man gets out and says he's here for the phone. I turn to Tim and ask "Tim is this really your phone because the number in the phone marked "home" dialed this man's house". His answer "well my mom found the phone and gave it to me"

So WTH? She finds a phone and figures "oh boy, free phone service until they turn it off?" Then hands it over to her 10 year old son to do as he pleases? I guess I am just stupid but this just floored me. What kind of lesson are you teaching your child? I explained to my daughter (who was very confused afterward) that keeping a phone and using it when you know it's not yours is stealing. That this man would have to pay for any calls used on his phone no matter who made them.

Wow....I'm still astonished that she would encourge her child to be dishonest. It just goes against everything I have ever been taught.

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Mon, 03-27-2006 - 11:51am

That's.... terrible!

I guess it takes all kinds!


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Thu, 03-30-2006 - 9:58pm

Oh you have got to be kidding!

What is wrong with people!

My gosh, I tell ya, some people just aren't that bright!

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Fri, 04-07-2006 - 12:39pm
My question is "Is he telling the truth?" He got caught in a bold face lie and had to do SOMETHING to get out of it, KWIM? I don't know...kids say some crazy things under stress. *wink*

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