Whaddya think?

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Whaddya think?
Thu, 06-24-2010 - 8:11am

My DD is turning 7 on Sunday August 8th. Before school goes back in. Of course this happens every year & she had parties with a few neighbors & her cousins (who are moving) & that was great. But now that she's in school & going to everyone else's parties she really wants "one of those parties Mom!"

So I had a wierd idea. The last week of school I made Save the Date cards & put inside them a smaller card for responses with info e-mail & whatever. So that way they know when the party will be & when I finalize the details I'll contact them by their preferred method on the return card.

What would YOU do if you got one of these very unorthodox party invites? She had a great deal of responses BTW (& all my info is on the back of the invite) now that we exchanged info there have been summertime playdates too. Just wondering what ya'll thought of my bright idea!

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Thu, 06-24-2010 - 5:32pm

I think that's an awesome idea!