What to get my 7 yr old????

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What to get my 7 yr old????
Wed, 05-28-2008 - 11:49am

Okay, I do not believe I have posted here before, but I need some help please.... I have no clue at all what to get my son for his 7th birthday.... He is really not "into" anything right now and I have no idea what the latest/greatest/hot toys are, so any ideas/suggestions?????

He did say that he would like a Nintendo DS - but my husband and I do not believe that he is responsible enough to keep track of all the little games... His X-box games are scattered on his floor for my 2 yr old to chew on, step on, use as a frisbee - you get the idea....

Thanks for any and all ideas!


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Wed, 05-28-2008 - 10:57pm

I would definitely wait on the DS, the cartridges are so small.


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Thu, 05-29-2008 - 4:39pm

Hmm these are things my son luvs right now & also just some ideas!! we have a party to go to so there are also things i am thinkin about gettin!

Ben 10

Speed racer


iron man action figures



maybe a video my son luvs alvin & the chipmunks

he also luved the nerf gun my sister gave him

Idiana jones

Good Luck!!



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Fri, 05-30-2008 - 6:39am
HI there!
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Fri, 05-30-2008 - 10:45am

Thanks for the ideas! He did say he wanted a Ben 10 watch, but of course I have not been able to find one... :-(