When kids claim they are "sick"

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When kids claim they are "sick"
Tue, 02-05-2013 - 10:25am

How do you handle it when your child calls home from school claiming they are sick? I always go up and get tthem from school but lately there have been days where I highly suspect they aren't really sick. So I'm considering whether I should start saying no when they call home from school. But then if I'm wrong, I'll feel totally guilty about making them stay at school when they are feeling bad. Frown What to do?

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Tue, 02-05-2013 - 11:24am

 I think you could ask the nurse what is wrong with your child--does he have a fever, is he sneezing & sniffling, or just saying generally that he doesn't feel well?  You could ask the nurse if he could rest in the office for 1/2 hr and then see how he is doing.  Does your child do this often?  Do you think there is something about school he doesn't like?  My kids hardly ever called from school cause it would take at least 1/2 hr for me to get there from work so they knew it was a big deal.

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Wed, 02-06-2013 - 1:03pm

We have a rule in our house that if you come home from school, you're not going to do anything "fun" that day- no computer, playing with friends, etc. If they are really sick, they don't mind being in bed most of the day. It's helped to cut down the amount of times they've called to come home due to fake "sickness" - they know coming home is probably going to be a lot more boring than staying at school, LOL.