Best sport for special needs kid?

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Best sport for special needs kid?
Thu, 01-02-2014 - 3:41pm

My son is 12 and has issues with being a sore loser and not grasping why rules are in place. His disability is communication/language so that's where run into the issues (it's not a physical issue). Any suggestions would be great! 

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Fri, 01-10-2014 - 8:53pm

Thats tough, has he ever done sports before? does he have friends who play something? I have a competive kid. He has some special needs and I know he can be hard to handle as his parent so I always feel for his coaches. That said a good coach can handle any kid but learning they are hard to come by. We also deal with ADHD so you can imagine that can be a hassle paying attention. I feel sometimes DS isn't given a chance because he is seen as easily distracted. He has some other issues and its hard because mostly he looks like your average 10 year old but he has some motor skill delays and social skill issues. We had a highly competive baseball coach last year and it did a number on his anxiety.

Do you have a Y or boys and girls club? Maybe start with something less competive more instructional? Is there something he wants to do? That might be your best starting point. Part of the challenge is going to be to get him to follow a rule and I find if DS wants to do something then its easier to focus and follow along. If you are making him play then it could turn into a rebillion thing. Another thing to keep in mind is starting at this age it becomes more competive or at least by us.

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Mon, 02-03-2014 - 3:47pm

Karate. Hands down. Not the competitive sport karate where they award black belts to 10 year olds, but regular karate. It teaches stillness, concentration, self-discipline, strength, and self-control. Lots of kids with ADHD and autism do well in karate. Look for a studio that doesn't emphasize competition in any way until the child is older.

Running is another sport that's great for kids who don't do well in or just don't like team sports.