Cheerleading should be a sport says a new study!

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Cheerleading should be a sport says a new study!
Mon, 10-22-2012 - 7:26pm

There was a segment on our news today saying that cheerleading should be made a sport so the kids in HIgh School would have to have physicals and access to trainers.  I agree, those girls get thrown about and others can be hurt catching a falling body!

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Completely agree!  Cheerleading is a very physical sport, it also takes stamina to be out there for so long during games.  My ODD is a base and she comes home with bumps, bruises, scrapes, cuts, but luckily so far nothing broken, but its very common for bases to end up with a broken nose at one point due to an odd elbow or foot kicking them.   We have access to trainers and are required to have a physical on file each year for our cheerleaders, though so does marching band.  But I think they are also in the process of instituting in the requirement to have the baseline concussion tests that football players have to go through also.

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Requiring prospective cheerleaders to have a sports physical on file and do the baseline concussion testing makes good sense.

Unfortunately, the issue of whether cheerleading is a "sport" is actually one that involves some significant analysis, and not because anyone with any sense thinks that cheerleaders are somehow not real athletes.  Rather, the issues concern the application of general school sports rules to cheerleading.  At both the college and high school levels there are a great many rules pertaining to how much time a coach can spend with a team practicing, as well as when "seasons" begin and end.  It is these types of rules that make cheerleading a difficult activity to turn into a "sport". Kids participating in cheer often start practices in the summer and continue through the end of basketball season in March.   No high school or college sport would allow that lengthy of a "season", or that much continuing contact between coaches and athletes.  So, oddly, a great number of governing organizations elect not to make cheerleading an official sport, because it is too demanding of its participants.