Cross Country family picnic

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Cross Country family picnic
Sat, 08-25-2012 - 4:24pm

We had our 2nd annual cross country family picnic last night.  Practice was held from 5:30 -6:30pm.  The kids did a warm up and stretching.  And the run for the night was a "reverse run" as we call it.  Coach previously timed all the kids on our home course of 2 miles and then had them line up in order of finishers from last place to first place.  Then the last place kid was the first to start the run followed by the next to last finisher however many seconds he/she finished ahead of the last place person.  So if everyone ran exactly the same pace as before, every kid would finish at exactly the same time.  This challenges each to not let anyone pass them and to try to pass the ones in front of them... also evens out the "race for the finish" because some kids are so fast that they are back well before others.  Kids all seem to really like when we do this race for practice.

Then after stretching and cool down, we had hot dogs/hamburgers, and all kinds of good side dishes brought by all the families.  We contributed fruit salad and as I was walking by a table, some girls who didn't know I made it were commenting how delicious the strawberries and peaches were and another was saying how the apples and cherries were her favorite.  I know that it was around 9:30 when we left and some families were still there.  You would have thought that the kids would be tired, but I think they ran around so much more even after the practice was over!  Plus lots of siblings to share in the fun.


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Sun, 08-26-2012 - 10:36pm
Sounds fun and the salad sounds great!! We had our football pool party, but only brought water, that was the assignment for freshman families.

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 11:21am
That sounds like such a fun family activity :smileyhappy: