I'm a travel softball mom again.

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I'm a travel softball mom again.
Sat, 05-18-2013 - 8:23am

21 dd played competitive fastpitch from U12 all the way through HS varsity & U18.  During that time, baby sister (11 years younger) was dragged to softball fields all over the state. Younger dd basically grew up next to a softball field. She picked up some skills from her softball sister - learned how to throw, how to hit, how to field.

Little dd was very excited when she was old enough to play on her OWN team.  But summer rec league was a bit frustrating for her as there were few girls who matched her level of skill.  I mean, not many 6 year old T-ballers could make that throw from third to first, and then she couldn't understand why the first baseman wouldn't/couldn't just catch the ball!  (Aimed at their head, coming at em like a bullet!)

After a few years of the rec league we decided she was finally old enough (and mature enough) to try out for the local U10 travel team. She LOVES it & really enjoys having teammates at a similar skill level.  If you ask DD which position she wants to play, she will list them all.  But she really wants to pitch. (Partly because it's a position her sister never did!)  The club has a pitching coach to do lessons for all the new/learning pitchers.  She can pitch pretty well now & can throw hard.  She's still kind of a "wild thing" though...  LOL!  She also plays shortstop.

Which leads up to today - her teams first tournament.  Really, her team's first time playing an actual game.  It's kind of scary, I don't know if they're ready yet.  Pretty sure they're going to get blown out of the water.  But, I guess you gotta start somewhere! 

And so it begins.  If anybody's looking for me this summer, I'll be at the softball field...

- Kathy

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Sun, 05-19-2013 - 5:27pm

How fun! Enjoy your summer of cheering dd on!!

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Mon, 05-27-2013 - 12:18pm

Yep, the first tourney went exactly as expected.  DD's team got beat & beat hard!  Luckily the other coaches understood that ours was a new team just starting out, so they didn't go too crazy on us. There were three games in all.  The first was awful. I think the opposing team was made up of semi-pro 10 & 11 year olds!  LOL!  Our pitchers could barely find home plate, so the other team got most of their scores through walks & passed balls. And their pitcher could throw so hard & fast (and strikes!) that our girls were very intimidated.

The second game was better - and a little more evenly matched.  DD even pitched her first strike-out!  By the third game, dd's team was "getting it." They showed up to play ball!  Our pitcher was gettig 'em over the plate - which then meant the other team was using us for batting practice.  But that was OK.  Our fielders made some outs & looked pretty good out there. [Except one play where our first baseman was totally NOT paying attention - listening to the other team's cheers - and almost got a thrown ball upside the head. Scary.] 

During that last game DD discovered her new favorite position - catcher!  She loved it - could see everything happening on the field, could call plays, could give baserunners the "stink-eye."

It sucked losing all weekend, but coaches & parents were quite pleased at the improvement observed between the first game through the last. The best way to learn is through playing.  If nothing else, the girls now understand why Coach has them doing some of those drills during practice...  they've definitely been paying more attention during practice now.  :)