Things we do for our sporty kids....

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Things we do for our sporty kids....
Sun, 07-07-2013 - 11:47am

10yo dd started travel fastpitch softball this year.  She wants to be a pitcher.  Over the winter & into the spring she was taking lessons from a girl who was an all-state HS pitcher for our school & later went on to be a highly regarded college pitcher. DD picked up the mechanics pretty well & can throw HARD, right around 40mph (which doesn't sound like a lot, but is pretty high-speed for the 10u age bracket). Her pitching coach is getting married this summer so official lessons have dwindled down to nothing as coach focuses on wedding!

Mom & Dad have been taking DD to the dirt-patch w/ backstop at the school behind the house for practice. One evening we headed out there with the bucket of balls & I was designated catcher.  As DD went through her warmups, a bunch of kids from the neighborhood came out to watch & play ball with us.  Pitching warmups get done, dd starts going into the full-windup-windmill pitching.  And she's totally distracted by having all her friends around - the balls are going every which way but into my glove! So I stand up & tell her "Hey kid - pretend you have a lazy catcher that is tired of jumping around to field these pitches.  And throw it like you MEAN it!"

I crouched back down and turned to shoo some of the younger kids away from the immediate area. When I turned back to give DD my glove for a target - BIFFFFF!  Too late, she had already pitched the ball.  It was fast and it was a perfect strike. I know because I saw it up close as it broke my nose. My nose immediately starts gushing everywhere. DD freaks out thinking she has killed her Mom.  DH says "I heard cracking - go home, get in the car, we're going to the ER."   I had already declared "game over" and was headed home.  It was not a pleasant hike through the field back to our house...  

X-ray confirmed it was broken - multiple fractures.  And I ended up with 4 stitches across the bridge of my nose.  We turned into a really bad comedy team at the ER, because... in the big scheme of things this really was just a stupid accident. And my family copes with stuff like this by laughing at/about it. (I mean, come on - I got my nose broke by a 10 year old!  LOL)

DH called my parents. "Could you come pick up [Kid]?  We're at the ER, Ketue broke her nose."


"She was getting lippy, so I decked her...  No, not really!  But seriously, could you come up here & pick up [Kid]?"

I guess my Mom hung up the phone & my dad asked "what happened???"  She replied "uh...  I'm not really sure... ???"

They came back to see me. Dad says "Softball?"


"Must have been a strike?"


High-fives for [Kid].

DD has been doing really well pitching this summer. Her catchers know to always wear their armor and it has saved many of them from some pretty good bumps & bruises.  DH even bought us a catcher's helmet to use for practice - DD refuses to let us catch without it. This incident didn't scare her from pitching. If anything, it's affected her batting; she practically jumps out of the batter's box afraid of getting hit by a pitch!  She's had quite a few good hits recently, I think she's getting past it.  Plus she got a new badass bat, which helps. :) 

Last week of league games coming up next week!  Can't wait.