Yikes I am offically a 2 sport kid mom!!

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Yikes I am offically a 2 sport kid mom!!
Fri, 04-12-2013 - 8:41am

Well at least its the same sport and at least they are far enough apart in age that my little one is just playing once a week, but Monday we had the parent meeting night. They split tball/farm and minor/major, well I got a tballer and a minor so 2 hours of baseball talk. But thankfully older DS games don't overlap with younger DS unless he has a rainout on a saturday but then he would play in afternoon and younger in the morning. At least mom will be getting LOTS of fresh air so time to stock up on sunblock and bug spray :)

Opening day parade is tomorrow so that should be fun. My poor little guy they switched up rosters so he wasn't on the team we though and by they time we found our team all the small tshirts were gone so my little peanut who still wears a 3t/4t is in a youth medium shirt. Really you need to start asking for sizes at sign up so you have the right number or right size shirts!!

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Mon, 04-22-2013 - 11:37pm

Always fun to juggle schedules! Since dd is away at school, I only have ds at home. But between school, band, jazz band, scouts, lacrosse and spring hockey, he is always on the go. Good thing we live by the high school, I don't have to take him to most things! ! Hope both boys have fun seasons!!

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