Braces and nickel allergy?

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Braces and nickel allergy?
Mon, 08-24-2009 - 7:04pm

Anyone have a kid with braces who also has a nickel allergy?

DS 12 needs braces, and everything looks really straightforward (no headgear, no pulling teeth, no palate expander, etc.) except for his nickel allergy.

Nickel is a component of regular braces, so the ortho has wisely sent us for more testing to determine whether his allergist thinks it will be safe for him to have regular braces. The nickel-free kind take a year longer and are more cumbersome, so no one wants them unless they're necessary.

We couldn't get an appointment until December and it's a pain because I have to pull him out of school on 3 separate days in a single week.

Anyone have a kid in this situation?

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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 11:28pm

That sounds like a pain!

Aly has an earring sensitivity, but I can't say it's a nickel allergy. I also can't say that her braces were nickel-free, but the wires were made of titanium.

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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 11:29pm
No nickel allergy here but is the nickel free kind Invisalign (the kind that look like clear molds of your teeth?) If not, you might want to ask about that as an option. If it is, I had a retainer like that years ago and I didn't find it cumbersome at all.