Will a 13 yr old ever be concerned about their hygiene??

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Will a 13 yr old ever be concerned about their hygiene??
Tue, 02-21-2012 - 2:25pm

My son is terrible..I have to constantly nag him to take a shower....even twice a week...he is very fortunate he doesn't have body odour issues, (yet)..but I am hoping that this lack of concern for good hygiene is because he's still on the immature side of things and doesn't really have any interest in girls.

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The short answer, yes, things will change. How much will they change, it will all depend on the individual. You will notice around this age, the more interested they become in girls, the more important hygeine will become. Or if friends at school say something becuase of an odor issue, then yes, it will get better. I don't have any boys, but there are several moms on the board that do and I know some of htem have mentioned the same issues. As to how often you make them, that will be something that the other moms can help out with. But hugs to you, from experience with younger brothers (and a 13 year old step son who we have to push into the shower when he visits us), it does get better.
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The short answer is yes. :)

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Oh yes--I used to have to remind my son to take a shower and now that he's 16 he'll get up extra early (6:00 a.m. or so) to take a shower every day before school.

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While I haven't had this problem with my own kids, I gather that they don't want to because they just have more interesting things to spend their time doing!

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