10 year old with sleeping problems

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10 year old with sleeping problems
Sat, 07-24-2004 - 6:35pm
I have a wonderful 10 year old little girl who is always smiling, does great in school and is just great. Lately, we have been dealing with sleeping issues. A couple of weeks ago, she was at a slumber party and had a nightmare about someone screamin. Since that time, she was fine for a couple of days, but all of the sudden she is in such a panic when the evening comes for fear of hearing "that voice or sound". One night, it was sooo bad. She had herself in such a panic that we were up and down until 3am. It has gotton a little better, but I can see the anxiety starting to come on when evening comes. I know she is also dealing with the "hormone issue" and wonder if this may have anything to do with it. We have dealt with night terrors when she was younger and they passed...and this is something like it, but she starts to get the anxiety before bed. Can anyone help me????
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Sun, 07-25-2004 - 8:17am
Based on ds11(12 in 2 weeks)'s past sleep anxieties, is there any chance she saw a movie or show (with friends, maybe?) that had something frightening that she can't let go of? Ds saw a couple of scary movies that seemed not to bother him at first, and then literally haunted him for months afterwards. Obviously I've screened more since then, and he himself turns down the offer to see what he'd consider frightening. He's had a very vivid imagination since 9/11, and I've had to talk with him many a time since (took about 6 months after that incident before he'd sleep well). Good luck; I can definitely commiserate.


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Mon, 07-26-2004 - 5:54pm

Hello and welcome!!

We're so glad you popped in.

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Tue, 07-27-2004 - 11:47am
I also agree with Sue, the fact that you mentioned Slumber Party right before the sleep issues started, tells me that something happened at that slumber party that has her freaked out.

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