10 year old son afraid of the dark

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10 year old son afraid of the dark
Fri, 10-24-2003 - 10:33pm
Hello. I hope you can help me. My 10 year old son is deathly afraid of the dark. A few years back when he was staying with his uncle he was watching a scary movie. Ever since then he has been really afraid of the dark. But his fear is very debilitating to him so much so that he worries about having friends spend the night because he must have a night light on and it has to be bright enough....one time he left something outside and we asked him to go outside to get what he left on the lawn and it was dark outside. He stood by the door and cried his eyes out. That was when I realized it was serious.

I talked to him about his fear and he says that he had it ever since he saw that movie. I tried to explain to him that he should not have seen the movie (it is a long story but he was with my ex-DH so I had no control over it) but even so....movies are just make believe..yada yada yada. I then told him I would actively try to get help for his fear and he said he would like that. Now I am searching for solutions to this problem for his sake. I want to help him get over this but I really don't know how to start. Does anyone have any suggestions? Been through this and battled successfully? Anything will help. I hate to see him suffer inside like this.

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Sat, 10-25-2003 - 11:26am

Hi and welcome a'board!!

I'm sorry that your son is having such a difficult time (and I understand about him seeing movies he shouldn't when it wasn't in your control - my oldest son is adopted and saw movies I won't let him watch now and he was under 6 at the time.)

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Sun, 10-26-2003 - 8:48am

Welcome to our board! My son still sleeps with a night light. That alone is not a big deal. However, it does sound like your son has a real fear that *he* is concerned about. ITA with Sherrie that a few sessions with a counselor might help ds talk this fear out. Perhaps start by asking his school counselor in confindence?

Glad you jumped in and posted with us about this. Please let us know how you and ds are doing. Hope to see you often!


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