10yr old acne and puberty??

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10yr old acne and puberty??
Sun, 01-04-2004 - 3:38pm

I have a 10 year old who has been getting acne, more blackheads then anything else. He only gets a bump or two ones every few months. Also as of the last week he has been says that after heavy active under his arms is sticky. I am taking all of this as he is starting to hit puberty or at least will be very soon. Is this common for some boys to start as early as 10? I started puberty very early (started getting breast at age 8 and my cycle at age 9) although my husband was around age 12. I don't know if it makes a difference or not but he has hit growning stages as of late. At age 10 he is 4ft10, 105lbs and wears a size 8 mens shoes. He is biggers then his friends. We have been told he should be about 6'2-6'4.

Anyways, we have started my son cleaning his face with cleaners twice a day. Right now we are using the Clean and Clear cleaners and moisturizers. He has both oily and dry areas. It is now just part of his morning and evening... brush teeth, clean face, etc.

Thanks for any help.


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Sun, 01-04-2004 - 7:21pm

My son started signs of puberty before age 10 also. Both Sam and Rachel are having tiny pimples on their foreheads. They started using medicated pads after they wash their faces, just on the oily areas, which has helped a bit. They use benzoil peroxide lotion on any pimples.

I'm in search of a new cleanser for them myself, since this routine is not working as well as it was a couple of months ago. I feel bad to see my little ones go through this!


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Wed, 01-14-2004 - 3:07pm
One of the first signs of puberty would be the testicles growing larger and dropping lower. Is this happening? If it is, you can be sure your son is starting puberty a bit early!