12 yr old and Teddies

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12 yr old and Teddies
Tue, 11-08-2011 - 9:17am



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II agree with the others about him climbing into bed with you, but both my 14 and 18 yo ds still sleep with stuffies. Not that

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I know this is late but I had to reply. My ds11 and ds9 both still have a few beanie babies they play with and a few stuffed animals on their bed. Maybe we're overindulgent, but we *all* talk about ds9's favorite bear beanie baby (Clubby II) as if he's real. He's so well known at school that when the kids had to make each other bookmarks in secret, the kid who designed ds9's included Clubby. Santa brought Clubby a new outfit last year. He's in a few family pictures as well. Ds11 isn't quite as attached, but he's home sick today and he is lying on the couch with his three beanie dogs, cuddled up. They both took their favorite to sleepaway camp this summer. You know, no one raised an eyebrow when my dd21 and dd19 had a few stuffed animals and their favorite American Girl doll out in middle school, and they seemed to have adjusted just fine and aren't emotionally stunted in any way (although ds9 did ask to include one of dd19's favorite stuffed animals in a care package we sent her last year :)).

As far as the bed thing, I'd be a little more leery, but honestly I don't think it's too big of a deal. Every kid is different and I think that probably plays into it more than anything else. Ds11 prefers sleeping alone, always has, and is an AWESOME sleeper. Ds9 has always been a bad sleeper, much more cuddly, and would sleep with us every night if we let him (we don't let him, but he'd love to- we do let him when he is sick). They'll grow up soon enough (speaking as the mom of two adult children).


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Hello other Mindy.

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My 13-year-old doesn't get in my bed with me, but he is still attached to his stuffed animals. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. When he goes to his Dad's, he brings a couple of favorites. He and his 13-year-old cousin, who also has a million stuffed animals and a blankie, sometimes even play games with them. My son is very mature in general and well-adjusted, lots of friends; I see the animals as his one last thing from childhood.
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You're definitely not alone. My son is 12 and still has a HUGE collection of stuffed animals...pretty sure he got it from me since I was the same way when I was a kid :) I worry a little bit since it seems more acceptable for girls than boys but for now, I'm just letting it be.


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I guess it's not a huge problem (yet) but didn't want it to become one. He comes into my bed only when he wakes to go to the washroom otherwise he sleeps in his own bed but he has not yet stopped sleeping with a couple of his favourite teddies. I'm going to leave that alone tho - thks for your input.
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Thank you.

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My ds is 13 and still has his blanket, he has it on his bed, ne does not cuddle it, but still has it folded up and under his pillow. His dad and I are married, but he will still lay in bed with one of us to watch a movie. I don't see a problem unless he can't sleep with out them or is always in your bed.

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Sounds like you already got the responses you need, but I'll just add:

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Thank you all for your response.