Any end-of-year performance updates?

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Any end-of-year performance updates?
Wed, 05-12-2004 - 8:00pm

Sam had his spring band concert last week. He plays the alto sax with the 5th/6th grade band at his middle school. At previous concerts, we could hardly see him, or not see him at all. He'd be the 3rd or 4th sax from the front in his row. We had a pleasant surprise this time! For one of the band songs, the six 6th grade sax players stood along the front of the stage while they played. We could actually see him! It was fun for dh and I, and made sitting through the other 1+ hours of the concert well worth it. (3 bell choirs, 2 choruses, 1 orchestra, 1 band plus jazz band!)

Have you enjoyed any end of year performances, recitals, competitions recently?


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Thu, 05-13-2004 - 9:26am
Tonight is orchestra's final performance. They're doing all grades, 6-12, in turn. Well, the 6th grade gets their 10 minutes, then 7th/8th play together, then 9th-12th orchestra plays (they aren't broken out by grade in high school). It's to be done in an hour. Sounds hectic...

DS has to wear white shirt/tie, black pants/shoes/socks...a true formal performance, at the high school...could be interesting. They're recording it on CD - yikes!


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Thu, 05-13-2004 - 4:15pm

Sean isn't in any band, orchestra or choir so it's been a quiet end of year time for us.

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Thu, 05-13-2004 - 9:24pm
Dd is in 4th grade, and turning 10 in 2 1/2 weeks. She was inthe school play. they did Stuart Little. It was cute. I am waiting for my copy of the final performance. They always hire some company to come in and film it, it isn't the best recordings, but it is only $10. The cast this year was huge, 110 kids, 1st through 5 th grades! Most kids only had a line or two. They did 3 performances.

Then ds had his class concert. He is in Kindergarden. It was of course so cute! It was also nice and short! They sang only 6 songs. I loved it, short and sweer. The kids really knew the songs well. Dd, the 4th grader, had her all class sing too. It too was short and sweet. The kids really start to get better at 4th grade.

Dd is also in choir and handbells. Their last concert was last week. They did it at the Junior high with the other 3 grammar schools in the district. The 3 junior high choirs and handbell choir also performed. The one group was fantastic and it turns out they won a state championship this year. I hope that the same choir directors are still there when my kids get to Junior high!

Friday will be our kids German school pagent. they attend the school on Friday nights during the school year. They have to sing and recite poetry or put on little plays. What ever the teachers decide. It is always a grat show. Not to mention the great bribe pictures of my ds in Lederhosen!!!!!!

That is our last thing. It is enough for me. Dd is going to start taking flute lessons in the fall. So next year we will have that too. Oh, does the karate and tae kwon do belt promotions coming up soon count too? I have those too!

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