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Board Update
Tue, 03-05-2013 - 5:18pm

I just wanted to post the latest update we have from the powers that be about the progress of the boards, updates, etc.

Hi, everyone.

I wanted to let you know where we are on a few items: the project to delete old threads, and other message board-related fixes coming soon. 

You may have noticed, we’re still waiting on the deletion project to happen. iVillage is in the process of moving hosting companies, and our database guys are focused on that right now. We don't want to run the deletion script without them babysitting it...too risky. I’ve asked our GM and CTO when they expect the deletions to begin (they know it's causing other boards fixes and projects to be delayed) and when they give me a date, I'll give it to you.

In the meantime, I'm making sure that some of our message board fixes get into the workflow. This week, the team is cleaning up a bunch of 404 errors (page not found) coming from message board links promoted around the site. This is important because it impacts our effectiveness in Google. After that, they'll be fixing 2 tools that Mods and Admins require, and they'll be restoring post counts on the Category page. These fixes will take us through the middle of March. We haven't had planning meetings for the two code releases that will happen in April, but I'll definitely be requesting 3-5 additonal fixes there. I'm happy we're still able to move forward with these!

Once I know a) when the deletion project will start or b) which fixes will be worked on in April, I'll post another update.

Thanks!  jess

Feel free to go to that thread to give any input you'd like.