Cheerleading at middle school

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Cheerleading at middle school
Fri, 02-20-2004 - 9:35am
Hi, I'm new to posting here. My dd is in the 5th grade and will be 11 soon. I got my first intro to the world of middle school yesterday(as a parent, this is my first year teaching at a middle school) and it didn't make me happy.

My dd brought home a notice about cheerleader tryouts for 6th grade. So being a naive mom and since I was off this week and able to take her to the meeting I said okay. I figure they will have a sixth grade squad and it would be a nice extracurricular activity during football season. Well, as soon as I saw the permission form that said I understand it will cost $700+ I was floored.

First of all, you have to pay $20 just to try out! Then if your child makes the team there is a required 4 day camp that is $225, plus $275 for the outfits to wear to camp and $100 for uniform rental. That's $600 for just the 4 day camp!!! What happens when school actually starts?! We already registered her for a week of girl scout camp that costs $300 and that's what we're saving for.

I don't really think she would make the squad just because they only pick 32 girls from all 3 grades and she would just be a sixth grader, plus she has no experience cheerleading. So do I pay the $20 to let her try out figuring she probably won't make it? but then I have to have a way to get her to the middle school after school for the whole week of tryouts and what if she does make it? I couldn't tell her congratulations but we can't afford it.

I think I'm also just ticked at the intensity of it all. Here my dd is saying "I have a good personality and would have a lot of fun" and they're talking about letting parents come in a videotape the dance routine the first day so your child can practice at home. I don't even OWN a video camera. I was always competitive as a kid and don't have a problem with having tryouts to choose the best girls, but let's level the playing field a little so everyone at least has the opportunity to participate.

I just hate being in a position to have to tell my dd she can't do something because of money. It's not like we're poor but let's get real, $600?! Is cheerleading like this everywhere?!

Thanks for listening to my vent on my first post LOL

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Fri, 02-20-2004 - 10:53am
My DD is the same age and grade as your DD. Here the cheerleading is very compettitive. We have girls, My DD included who have taken dance and gymnastics for years to make the squad. Our cheerleaders here pay around $600 each. We do not pay to tryout, only if they make it. We get a jacket, uniform, raincoat, shoes, poms, megaphone, hair ribbons, and 3 shorts and t-shirts. If they go to an away camp we pay extra for that. Here DD will not be able to try out untill the end of 6th grade. We only have 7th and 8th grade cheerleaders. I was talking to another parent at gymnastics who goes to a diffrent, bigger school than Dd and she told me they pay about $1,000 for the cost of the equipment and for overnite camp. If my Dd makes it next year, I will be paying more for her to do cheerleading than I pay for DS to play football, basketball, and track combined.
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Fri, 02-20-2004 - 11:50am

OMG that is crazy.

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Fri, 02-20-2004 - 12:00pm
First off (having been a scout and now a Boy Scout leader), I can't believe girl scout camp is that high! Boy scout camp is going to run us $155 for a week this year, including meals/transportation/lodging/week's program, etc.

Anyway, IF your dd is determined to try out, maybe you can get with the people coordinating it and find out if there's a 'scholarship' or at least a payment plan, if you really end up getting into it. Seems VERY excessive to me; my ds's sports always seemed high when they were $200/season of baseball, but then we're not competitive nor do we go to any major tournaments or away games!

Good luck.


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Fri, 02-20-2004 - 12:53pm

Hello and welcome.

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Fri, 02-20-2004 - 1:36pm
If the girls make cheerleading each year, the first year is the only time we pay through the nose. The second year you only need to pay for camp if they go, and unless the girl really grows alot, maybe a new pair of sneakers. The rest of the equipment stays the same for 7th and 8th grade. Our JV and Varsity cheerleaders hold fundraisers to pay for equipment and the school provides the jackets. (JV does not get jackets) The parents only pay for camp if the fundraisers do not earn enough. DD also goes to girlscout camp and DS did go to boyscout camp for a few years. We have paid up to $275 for girlscout camp because it was a specialty program with horses. Luckily I got a campership to help pay for it. Have you asked at your local girl scout council about camperships? Also if your council lets the girls earn "Cookie Dough" for selling cookies, that can be applied to camp.