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Wed, 09-01-2004 - 5:28pm
I am just curious what chores everyone has their 10-11 year old doing other than cleaning their room? How often do they do them?



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Good question!

Sean's chore list:

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Good question! I'll be interested in reading everybody's answers.

10-yr-old DD:

*Keep room relatively neat.

*Mom washes clothes and folds them, she's supposed to hang them up and put them in dresser drawers. (This isn't done as neatly as I'd like).

*Empty the dishwasher and put the clean dishes away.

*Picking up after herself (like putting dirty clothes in the laundry and dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher).

*Keep kitties stocked with food and fresh water.

*Runs up and down stairs to fetch things for mom.

*Shreds papers for mom (optional, not mandatory, done in spirit of helping the team).

*Main job = do her homework, do it completely, turn it in on time. We've had homework battles for the last several years on this.

-- Steph

Stephanie, CL of the Dating as a Single Parent board:

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Thu, 09-02-2004 - 1:13pm
1. Type out garbage weekly

2. Clean guinea pig cage weekly

3. Make bed (kid version) and hang up clothes that have been left on floor.

These other chores are when we ask of him, which may be anywhere from once a year to twic monthly - or when I have the patience to hear the complaining and groaning:

1. He cleans the kitchen floor.

2. Sweeps out garage

3. Dusts family room

4. Sweeps rooms I ask

5. I had him clean our sunroom windows a couple of weeks ago.

6. Helps dh by picking up sticks before dh mows the lawn.

7. He clips the ivy that grows out on the driveway. (2-3 times in the summer)

8. In fall he helps dh rake the yard for leaves.

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We have tried the whole "Chore Chart" several times, and it just dosen't work.

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Thu, 09-02-2004 - 4:23pm
Well, with three boys of chore-doing age, we divvy up a lot of stuff. No one really has any set jobs--they all pitch in.

That said, some of the things Chris does are:

Feed and water cats

clear dishes from table

set table

take out trash

haul in groceries

sweep porch and front steps

put away laundry

pick up toys/books/stuff around the house

pick up apples in the back yard so his brother can mow


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Fri, 09-03-2004 - 3:00pm


check on her hamster

set or clear the table


laundry put away or in hamper


clean litter box

clean her hamster cage

keep her room picked up and dusted

clean the downstairs bathroom

when needed chores (espeically when she wants money)

clean out the car

vacuum the house

clean the upstairs bathroom

do the laundry

cook dinner or breakfast (she loves to cook)

mow the lawn

empty the dishwasher

take out the trash


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Delurking for this question (hi, all!): My soon to be 1O year old daughter does the following chores - but first, I think I should note that she's the only child living with me (if I had younger ones I'd probably assign to them such chores as setting the table), and that I'm a single mom (which I guess means I take on most of the work because I believe it'd be unfair to have her doing more than what's appropriate for her age just because I don't have another adult to share these with...on the other hand I probably rely more on her sense of responsibility because it's the only way to keep things going smoothly around here!)

Daily: Empty dishwasher, set table and help clear it. Keep her own dirty clothes in hamper (well, a laundry basket we keep in her closet) and take it out and bring downstairs about once a week when I happen to be doing laundry. Put her things away that have been left around the house (take them back to her room).

Weekly: On Sat mornings clean her room and bathroom (to 'child standards'), sweep the kitchen floor (most of the time, although sometimes I'll do it for her), and clean/organize her shoes (which otherwise tend to sit in a muddy pile by the door - this is Oregon after all!)

On garbage night, bring her garbage out from her bedroom and bathroom and 'merge' it with the kitchen garbage (I take it out), and take out the recycling. The next day, bring trash can and recycling bins back into the garage.

On laundry day (whenever this happens to be - changes weekly unpredictably!) put away her clean laundry (which I deliver to her room after removing my own items from the basket).

On grocery day (just changed to Fridays to adjust to our new after-school activities schedule) help bring stuff into the kitchen and help put it away.

I'm interested in how you all motivate kids to get these chores done? I don't like tying them to payment because I see them just as her contribution to the family (she gets an allowance separately "just for being part of the family", too), but I do usually tie them to specific privileges that allow for natural consequences such as, garbage has to be out before we can start playing games on our "Games and Garbage night" (this also works well to remind me that it is garbage night, since she looks forward to playing games!) On Saturdays, the rule is chores have to be done by 12:30 in order for us to be able to eat and go to the open swim time at the pool an hour later. In fact, this weekend was the first time ever I had to stick to the rule and simply declare we weren't going, after giving her several warnings that she was dilly-dallying instead of cleaning her room (cleaning her room in this way took her about 2 hours, and it wasn't even that bad in the first place! I'm afraid she just got used to doing it in slow-mode during the summer, when it wouldn't really matter to me how long she took as she often did a little each day and our schedule was very irregular!) Oh yeah, this chore schedule is strictly for the school year, by the way!

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Thanks for de-lurking!! We'd love to "see" you more often.

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My 10 year old DS has a few chores. He has to empty the trash in the kitchen and take the big trash can out to the street on Trash Day. He also has to help with dishes. My MIL has been on my case lately saying the kids are old enough to do more like wash and put away the dishes. So, my ds and his sisters, 8 & 7, occasionally do the dishes. Its not an everyday thing, but they take turns washing, rinseing and putting away. He almost always grumbles about what I ask him to do something. He does not get an allowance but he loses priveledges for arguing or not doing chores.

We have a lot of arguing about who gets to go "first", like who gets to say the supper prayer, who gets in the front seat (we have an older car without air bags), and other stuff dealing with taking turns. I solved the problem this way: Monday is Mona's (Ramona) day, Tuesady and Thursday are Tony's days, That makes Wednesday left for Jacquie, then Friday is Mona and Saturday is Jacquie. Sunday we all say the table prayers together and I pick who goes first based on good behavior. This has worked well for us. Whenever there is any argument about who gets to go "first" it is always decided by who's day it is. They were even arguing who got on the school bus first.


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I'm amazed on this thread how many kids are NOT required to do chores. I was always taught it was a way of teaching a work ethic and responsibility. Our kids have several chores each and are required to do them every day. I don't really even have to remind them. Both my DH and I work so maybe it's my way of having some help with the daily dirt and grime that ends up in our house. The nice end is having a moment like this past week when we were struck with the tail end of Hurricane Frances.... My kids went outside and helped our neighbors clean up their yard (along with ours) without even being asked. They knew it had to be done. I guess I'm the minority of requiring chores without any reward. They also have to deal with their room and bed making (we dont' call those chores). Oh well! L