Daughter's Love Interest

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Daughter's Love Interest
Sun, 02-12-2012 - 6:51am

This is the first time I've posted on this particular board.

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 12:00am

This sure is hard.

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 8:52am

My youngest is 12, my oldest is 16. Honestly I don't think that 11 or 12 year old boys expect to have sex with their girlfriends but they do like to brag for their friends. The good thing about this age is that while they have boyfriends or girlfriends, it's really just a title and they don't actually go on dates.

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 9:24am
Welcome to the board! I think the other two posters gave you some great advice. I agree with Mindy that trying to get to know the boy is the best way to handle things initially, even if they just have the title at school, its a good idea in general to know who your kids are hanging out with on a daily basis.
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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 9:48am

I would never invite a boyfriend of an 11 year old over.

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 9:25pm
I am in the camp of kids in Junior High do not need to be dating. Hanging out with friends is fine, but one on one, no. I would be concerned about such rumors, as they stick with her by far longer than needed, even when they are not true! I would talk to your dd!!

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