Did your child have a special Valentine?

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Did your child have a special Valentine?
Sat, 02-14-2004 - 3:33pm

This is the second year in a row that Rachel (11, 6th grade) has received a "special" bag of candy and card from a boy. It cracks me up, because she's still such a tomboy! She always has boys as friends (as well as girls) because she is very comfortable with them. Now, last year and this year, I think a boy has ended up with a crush on her. She's still friends with the boy from last year, but his crush has cooled ;-) Both boys are so nice, and the cards and candy were very appropriate - nothing over the top.

Sam- just watching, LOL!

Did your child give or receive a special or surprise gift from a peer?

Hope you're enjoying Valentine's Day!


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Sun, 02-15-2004 - 8:04am
They had some kind of 50 cent fundraiser at the middle school; you could send a 'candy gram' with your message to someone at the school. DS11 did (just one!) to a girl he likes in the neighborhood in 7th grade - he said he didn't know what to write, so he just put what he then told me he thought was lame, "See you on the bus!" Considering he gave her a Santa bear (beanie type) for Christmas, I'm sure she knows he likes her...I told him that was the perfect thing to write as now it didn't make for any awkward moments on the bus!