Do you mind if I start posting

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Do you mind if I start posting
Sat, 07-10-2004 - 2:40am
a bit early since my daughter starts 5th grade this month. (My kids go to year-round school.) DD won't turn 10 till September but will start 5th grade in 2 1/2 weeks. Summer break sure goes fast on a year-round schedule.

I have posted here a few times in the past month but I though I should do an intro. My name is Diana and I live in Southern California. I have been posting at PS since my DD was going through toilet training. (That must be more than 7 years ago.) Recently I can be found on the 8-9 yrs old board, 4-5 year old board, 9-5 and in the past working woman. I am currently "unemployed" although 1 1/2 years is a bit too long to keep giving myself that title. DH prefers the title of underemployed. I would go back to work in a heartbeat if the right job came along but haven't been looking as hard as I should. I am actively looking for consulting work as a computer programmer and have taken classes during this time to keep my skills up but the last year has really gone by extremely fast and time has been creeping up to me.

I have two kids: Sara who will be 10 in Sept and starts 5th grade soon and Timothy who is 5 (Feb birthday) and who starts Kindergarten in a few weeks. My DH is a university professor and enjoys digital photography as a hobby. (At least it gets him to the kids sports events. ;-)) We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last week.

My DD enjoys swimming, softball, art, singing and Girls Scouts. I have been her Girl Scout leader for the past two years and are recutantly keeping this up for another year. The rest of my troop are 10. My DD hates being the youngest of her friends. Currently both kids are swimming on a recreational summer swim team that ends in the beginning of August. My kids are enjoying it and learning from the experience but are no means the teams stars. Tomorrow is a meet and I am not really looking forward to it since I have to help the whole time & sit out it the hot sun all afternoon. Why is it I keep signing my kids up for these sports activities?

I look forward to meeting everyone and probably a few that I have "seen" before.

Sara & Tim
Diana (Sara 9 yrs, Timothy 5 yrs)

Sara, IVTimothy
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