Dropping in for gift ideas

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Dropping in for gift ideas
Sat, 11-15-2003 - 2:38am
Hi, I'm a '99, '02 and about to be '03 mom and I am hoping I can ask a favor of you all. I am completely stumped as to what to get my 11 year old nephew for Christmas. My sil says he's really into music lately but that's about all she could tell me without him hearing the conversation. He'll be 12 in January and used to love to read, but I guess that's being replaced by girls...sigh...They live out of state and up until now I really thought I had a bead on "cool" things to get him. Now, I have no clue.

Since my #3 is due in four weeks I was hoping maybe some of you could clue me in as to what kids this age really want this year and save me from turning into the aunt who gives the boring presents ;).

Thanks in advance!


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Sat, 11-15-2003 - 8:08am

Have you considered a gift card?


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Sun, 11-16-2003 - 12:18am

Hi - I agree with Nancy, it's a tough age to buy for.

Sherrie Rainbow

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Sun, 11-16-2003 - 7:14am
Thank you both for your suggestions. I think the gift card is exactly how I'll go. I really want him to have what he wants and this seems the perfect way to give it to him.

And thank you to your board members for letting me drop in and interrupt you all. It's nice to know that there are supportive boards just like mine here!

~ Beth, June '99 board

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Mon, 11-17-2003 - 1:01pm
ANother thing that could be fun WITH the gift card is a multi-CD case. Kids these days love toting around what they've got, in one consolidated case. You could then tuck the gift card in a CD pocket in the case.