Early Puberty Anyone?

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Early Puberty Anyone?
Tue, 12-02-2003 - 2:29pm
Hi everyone! I'm new to your board, and I have a question. I have a 10 yr old son that has been making comments like, "She's really hot" and "a sixth grader was checking me out today" etc. So...my husband asked me to get on "my boards" and find out how you all have brought the sex issue up to your kids, if you have, and what kind of responses you've gotten? Thanks for taking the time to respond. Dana

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Tue, 12-02-2003 - 2:49pm
DS11 in 6th in middle school (6th-8th) still doesn't care much about girls. He says he's starting to notice them a bit more, but that's about it. He still doesn't need deodorant so I guess he'll be a late bloomer!

In 4th grade (the day before the last day of the year) they showed a film and then talked to the kids (separated by gender) about everything, the changing body, reproduction (not the 's word'; just true biology), etc., and they all seemed to take it in stride.

There's a great book, "What's Happening to My Body book for Boys", that my mom got for my ds...it can get pretty explicit, but it's nice to have around. We tried a bit of it; he's truly not ready yet! He's very uncomfortable talking about it, but does understand it all...and I told him I'd rather tell him the facts vs. him getting misinformation from kids!


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Tue, 12-02-2003 - 3:35pm

Hi Dana!!

Sherrie Rainbow

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Tue, 12-02-2003 - 5:39pm

Welcome! Thanks for jumping in with this important topic. ITA with Sherrie. Your ds is probably repeating things he heard at school. As far as teaching about the facts of life, I discussed it with Sam (now 11 and 6th grade) at the end of 4th grade, age 9, because his twin sister was asking questions about things girls were saying at camp. I spoke to the


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Tue, 12-02-2003 - 8:52pm

First let me say that yes, my 10 year old son has reached that point too. Also I have known for about a year that puberty has been upon him. Body oder, muscling up more, and now


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Thu, 12-11-2003 - 4:52pm

Use what he gives you and go from there

"She is really hot" --- leads to "Hot?" Like really hot dinner that burned my mouth? And off you go. Let him talk and gently correct or answer him where he is unsure.