the end of a stage

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the end of a stage
Thu, 07-15-2004 - 12:58pm
My 10 year old ds is now at the stage where he "tolerates" my hugs and kisses. He turns 11 in October.

Every now and then I get one voluntarily. And every now and then he hugs and kisses me back. But more and more he just stands there and takes the hug.

I still tuck him and his 7 year old into bed at night. 50% of the time he scrunches his face us when I kiss him, but I know he likes it. The other 50% of the time he still kisses me back voluntarily.

I know this is normal, but it still makes me sad to see this part of our relationship is slowly coming to an end. Thankfully, I still have the other who tried to cling to me as I'm leaving! LOL!

I hope that as he gets older and past his stages, he will be affectionate towards me again...even if it's the big boy affectionate. My brother used to pick my mom up when he was a teenager!

How are your kids now?


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Thu, 07-15-2004 - 3:53pm


No matter how prepared we think we are, it can still be surprising when they shift gears like that.

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Tue, 07-20-2004 - 9:35am
Your doing much better than me. I spent about an hour last night crying over my 10 year old (after he was in bed of course) not being the little boy who resmbled a gnome in a snow suit. He was so sweet and so cute. Now he is more distant and moody. He doesnt come to me with everything and want to hang out as much with me and his little brothers. He complains and wants to grow up way to fast. I get I love you's just not as many. And hugs I always have to hug him 1st now. I miss him being little. I am excited that he is growing up, funny I am more scared for him than ever know though.

=) Thanks for posting that. Its a good reminder that this is just a stage, and one day they will show affection again!