Friday Five for 4/02

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Friday Five for 4/02
Fri, 04-02-2004 - 12:01pm

Shall we try a Friday Five?

I was reflecting the other day and realized that I've been a licensed driver for more years than I was an unlicensed driver (and don't get me started thinking about Sean less than 5 years away from wanting a license

Sherrie Rainbow

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Sherrie Rainbow

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1. How long have you been a licensed driver?

Ok, so I'm old - 29 years!

2. Do you like your driver's license photo?

It's ok.

3. When was it taken?

A couple years back, because I had my purse stolen and had to have the license replaced.

4. Is the information on your license (height/weight/address) accurate?

Nope, I weigh less, and I'm actually 1/2" taller, but they don't do increments of 1/2"! Address is right.

5. Have you ever been ticketed for any traffic infraction?



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