Friday/Weekend Chit Chat Thread

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Friday/Weekend Chit Chat Thread
Fri, 06-08-2012 - 8:39am

Good morning ladies, Friday is upon us.  How are you today??

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 9:23am

I completely over did it yesterday.  My foot felt so much better , we headed out and did a ton of errands, Kohls, Home Depot, Lowes, Pennys, Target, 2 local furniture stores, and the ILs 2x.  I was walking slow and a bit oddly, but I had no pain.  Once we got home though, I noticed my foot had swelled up considerably.  I kept it up until bedtime, but could hardly stand on it at that point.  Lesson learned. 

We did find a couch and chair (in our mind to buy in the not so distant future).  We also found a small tv/ storage stand at our favorite furniture store. It is pefect for the Zeph's boy cave.  It is over at the ILs.  Sadly the store is closing, but we did get a great deal.  We found a light fixture for ove the dining table that we like.  I've had my eye on one from Pottery Barn, but it is internet only and shipping adds $40 to the already hefty price.  This one is similar enough that I am okay with it and DH likes it as do the ILs since they are paying for it and it will be about $140 less. 

Their shed is cleaned out.  The garage is coming along.  I'm impressed with the progress they have made.  The paint colors I chose look fabulous.  He's only done 2 rooms, bu they are bold without being shocking.  I'm glad I went with colors that say color.  Our walls here have color, but they are muted.

The furniture store that is closing is have a matress blowout later this month.  Ours is so old, it is time.  I need to do some research so I can make an imformed matress buying decision.