Friday/Weekend Thread

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Friday/Weekend Thread
Fri, 02-15-2013 - 8:54am

Good morning ladies, how is everyone this morning?  any big plans for the weekend?

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Fri, 02-15-2013 - 6:33pm

Hi everyone, TGIF and it's a triple - Friday, payday and 3 day weekend.  It was an exhausting day at work and after a night of sleeping poorly (very little), I am wiped out, but you can't keep me from book club!  The rest of the family will be home having a Dr Who marathon

Tomorrow cleaning and chores in the morning, then going to lunch with Ian.  IN the afternoon, some paperwork and then watching a bunch of tivo'd shows

Sunday, Kayleigh and I leave for Syracuse.  Monday is accepted students day at SUNY ESF, where she is most likely going to college.  This is our final college road trip.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!


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Fri, 02-15-2013 - 11:14am

Morning.  The kids have a half day today.  They get out right about lunch time so I am going to heat up some left over pizza for them.  Not sure about my day really.  I am in a lazy mood, enjoying wrapped up in my blanket. Cozy.  i will do some clean up.  A little bit.  LOL  Saturday, I might run over to a Thrift store that is putting everything on sale 50% off, they have a diningroom table I want but not willing to pay $150 for it.  So I will run over to see if they still have it and if they do I am going to get it.  If they don't, not meant to be.  Not sure what else will be going on.  Sunday, is up in the air.  Like always, nothing planned.  I guess it depends on the weather maybe.

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Fri, 02-15-2013 - 10:29am

Good morning.  Zeph is working on some school. I have laundry and dishes to take care of.  Dh has one phone call today.  Then we are going to brunch at one of my favorite places.  We couldn't get reservations anywhere I wanted to eat last night, so we wound up staying in.

This weekend Zeph has bowling.  We need to get the printer cartridge refilled, pay bills, grocery shop (2 stores), a ton of housework, decide on accommodations for our vacation, start planning for Zeph's 13th birthday (kid party or family party or no party? big gift or little gifts? trip?),and we need to go to Michael's for craft supplies for 3 school projects.   

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Fri, 02-15-2013 - 9:19am

Hoping its not too busy of a weekend.  Today I have projects at work and hopefully errands to run at lunch.  Really hoping DH gets the stuff to the accountant, he "forgot" yesterday.  If not, I will make time this weekend to get it over there emyself.  Tonight there is a valentine's/family dance at Emma's school.  I think DH is taking her as a daddy/daughter evening, we'll see.  If so, Madison and I will hang out together.  Both the boys and girls basketball teams have playoff games in different cities so they split the cheerleaders up.  Jordyn got the boys team in town, so she will be home at a decent time. 

Tomorrow, cleaning mostly, its supposed to be a lovely day weather wise so hopefully lots of outdoor time and open windows!  Jordyn has to work from 1-4 and 2 of her BFFs are coming over to work on some project, the she's going to get her nails done.  I am going to attempt a chocolate dessert lasagna for after dinner.

Sunday, more cleaning, a bit of grocery shopping and menu planning.  I am sure Jordyn will have homework to get done and she has to go over and decorate her table for the cheerleading banquet.  The banquet is at 6 Sunday evening, DH, Jordyn's boyfriend and I are all going.  The kids are going to the sitter's for the evening. 

We have Monday off of work and school, Madison will likely still go to daycare as I have to get a bunch of car stuff done, oil change, inspection, etc. but Emma will tag along with me most likely.  But I'll try and get on the board early to start the Monday thread.  If I don't make it, feel free to start one.

Have a great weekend!!