Friday/Weekend Thread

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Friday/Weekend Thread
Fri, 10-19-2012 - 8:44am

Good morning ladies, its Friday, the weekend is upon us.  How are you planning on spending it?

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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 8:53am

This is the first of two very busy weekends.  Today, I am working in the morning and have the afternoon off.  I need to go look at carry-ons for my trip next weekend.  Take back some Halloween costumes, need to pick up a fruit tray and then pick up Madison from daycare and then to our cheerleading team dinner for the girls.  After dinner is through, off to pick up Emma from afterschool care, and dropping them both off at the YMCA parent's night out activities.  Then, I get to go to the football game to sell t-shirts for cheerleading.  After I am done, either DH or I will pick up the girls and then back to teh football game we go.  Its homecoming, and the school is featured on the morning show this morning, so they had to be there for media stuff at 7 a.m.  Jordyn was none too happy since she was up til 3 a.m. doing homework and has a chemistry test today and was having problems with it.Frown   Tonight is the homecoming game and they usually go to IHOP after the game, but I am going to discourage it tonight because of the lack of sleep she'd been getting. 

Tomorrow, Jordyn has a parent showcase at the gym for the new competitive teams' routines.  There is a show at 1 and 4.  We are attending the one at 1:00, then going to a playdate with Emma and Madison.  Jordyn will be home afterwards to get ready for the homecoming dance at 8:00, then going to dinner afterwards with friends.

Sunday, Jordyn is coaching her mini team at a competition at the state fair in Dallas.  She's riding up with the other coaches, but it'll be an all day thing.  I have lots of cleaning and laundry to do, along with paperwork for DH so that I am caught up and ready as we are gone next weekend.  Need to do menu planning and grocery shopping also.

Have a great one!!

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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 12:03pm

Good start to the weekend. DH was home so he took care of morning pet duty, vacumming, and breakfast, while I slept in.  DH is in agreat mood afte a good trip to work headquarters.  While there, he got the dates of the holiday party in TX and they want him down the week after the party, so we are tagging along.   

After school, Zeph has a friend coming over.  I have some Amazon and Lego shipments to open and hide the contents. DH said he would do the errands on his way home.  Tonight we're ordering pizza and watching Alien.  It's Zeph's first truely scary movie and he is so excited.

Saturday and Sunday, we're going to organize the garage and take a load of donations to Goodwill.   Zeph has quite a bit of homework, including a paper, he's been  putting off.  I  have meal planning and grocery shopping to do also..  

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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 7:16pm

Hi everyone.  Hope your weekend is off to a good start!

Here, went in early to work for a training. Then it was a crazy morning, our teacher was in a meeting, one of the TA's hurt herself and had to go home, I fell in the hallway because the ceiling was leaking, our encopresis kid had a bad day ...

Ian had a regular school day and then he and DH left for a weekend scout campout.  Kayleigh had a great day at school and is now hanging out with a friend.

Tomorrow, it'll mostly be an at home day. Kayleigh's going to clean and do homework/study. I'm going to read, cross stitch, do a little cleaning, do a little shopping for holiday gifts.   In the evening, Kayleigh is going to a friend's house, he is having a small get together, everyone bring a snack.kind of thing, and I"ll get to stay home alone, have some wine and watch tivo'd shows.

SUnday, Dan and Ian will be home by noon. Ian will have to do homework and practice his trumpet.  In the afternoon, we are going to a local art show (professional and  student) to see the exhibits and watch the awards presentation - Kayleigh won first prize in her category and will get a $100 cash prize


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Sun, 10-21-2012 - 11:13pm
A little late but here's a recap... Friday Megan and I left right after school for her horse show. Kind of a rough show but she's taking it as learning experience. Got home about 11. Saturday dh and Evan got up at 6 to go to the swim meet. He did very well compared to his previous times. Placing, well... Megan and I went to the same meet for the afternoon. She cut some serious time off her weaker strokes (coach said it was due to an adjustment in her attitude) and held her own in her stronger strokes. Placed no lower than 16th in any event and finished 4th in 100 back. Sunday I took Evan to the morning session and dh took Megan to the afternoon session. Evan cut time in all but one event (he swam 4). Megan placed 10th in 50 fly (never placed in this before) and may have made a regional time, she placed 4th in 50 back and was a heat winner 2 of 3 times. Her freestyle relay came in second overall too. After the meet, we came home, changed clothes and dh and I went to see a local production of Hamlet. It was fabulous. I have never had Shakespeare come to life quite like this. I need to send a thank you email to the gentleman who donated the tickets to the church office. Dh and I had a chance to be grown ups, get some culture, spend some time together, and it was all FREE!! Time to turn in so I can be productive tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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Mon, 10-22-2012 - 2:26am

I think I forgot to post on Friday.  My mom came over and we went to breakfast.  Shopped a bit the their little store and got the kids some candies for their stockings and bought a few more ornaments.  Her and I hung out here at my house for a bit, got lunch and went shopping again.  LOL  Stopped at Walmsrt for a couple of things I forgot when I went grocery shopping.  I am making curtains out of bedsheets and so I have been working on that all weekend.  I took the kids to the pumpkin patch on Saturday after we cleaned up the house.  We got home around 4pm and a few hours later I was taking them and Matthews friend to a haunted hayride.  I returned some movies back and picked up a Starbucks while they did this.  By the time I got back they were just loading onto their trailer for their ride.  I was surprised.  Matthews friend stayed the night and most of the day today.  We didn't do a whole lot.  I took Nat shopping for a pair of jeans and of course she found some boots she HAD to have.  Got some trial size paint for Nat to see how she liked.  I will be buying some purple paint tomorrow for her room.  She is inspired to get it painted.  Katie wants me to do it in her room.  I took Matthew's friend home around 5pm so Matthew could get started on his homework.  We had a quiet evening here at home and now I am up late looking at stuff on the internet.  I was working on more curtains and I found I don't have the patience for it.  

Hope your weekend was good.