Happy New Year to my Jewish friends!

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Happy New Year to my Jewish friends!
Fri, 09-26-2003 - 10:11am

To all my Jewish friends here on the board (even those lurking ;-), I'd like to wish you a happy, healthy, and sweet new year!

The holiday starts tonight, and my parents are arriving from out of town to stay with us. Yay! I need to do lots of cooking, which I'm not used to ;-) Thankfully, my mother is bringing the pot roast for Sunday and some Jewish baked goods from NY as well.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this holiday, it starts tonight and goes through Sunday at sundown. (Although some only celebrate one day.) It is a happy holiday, but also a serious one. It begins the 10 days of repentence leading to Yom Kippur, the day where we ask G-d to forgive our sins. The 10 days gives us a chance to atone through prayer and acts of charity


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