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i am wondering at what age do you teach your d to shave her legs? my d has been at me for about a year now to learn but i think she is still to young what does everyone else think. she is 10 and i just dont know.

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Wow, I've seen a lot of these questions a lot lately. My dd has been shaving since the beginning of the summer (technically she shaved once during spring break). The factors were: 1) most of her peers are shaving (and have been for a year!!); 2) she has extremely dark and thick hair which was made more noticeable by her peers shaving; 3) I wasn't going to let her go through what I went through when my mom refused to allow me to shave when it was obviously needed especially when my self-esteem was suffering. Luckily shaving has been good to her in that her hair is growing back in lighter and thinner and she isn't having to shave often. I'm sure she'll stop during the winter and resume again in the spring as shorts season begins.

I was amazed at how ok I was with this as I had no intention of letting her shave until she was 12, at the very least - but then I began remembering everything I went through waiting those two years before mom gave in. I feel very good about my decision and I can tell her confidence has been boosted as well. That's pay off enough for me.


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Yes this question is asked about weekly!

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Yes, this is a frequent question here.