I am in braces hell...

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I am in braces hell...
Fri, 08-13-2004 - 10:43am

I actually gave my daughter Benadryl to help her sleep last night.

She got the braces, the expander and the Herpst appliance yesterday.


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Fri, 08-13-2004 - 12:34pm
All at once? That is quite a mouthfull. I thought kids usually got the expander before the braces were put on. At least everyone I have know it has been done that way. My DD has had braces for over a year (and will again in a few years). She had very little pain and now has a retainer. But she didn't have the expander or the Herpst appliance. I was plesantly suprised with our experience with orthodontia so far.

I have no clue what to do. I expect that it will get better. I assume you have been giving her Tylonal or Advil/Motrin for the pain.

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Fri, 08-13-2004 - 1:43pm
I agree, that seems like a lot at once. My oldest ds has been having ortho work for 3 years now. He first had only the expander for a few months. Then just a few "brackets" on a few teeth. AFter about 6 months, he went to a bionator for 9 months. He's just now into his full set of braces.

After he got his expander, he did "slurp" quite a bit the first couple of days. He does hurt a little after each visit, but tylenol always did the trick. Sometimes after they've tightened the braces, the dull ache may last two days.

What is the other appliance you are talking about? Also, did they put on braces, or just some brackets on a few teeth?


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Mon, 08-16-2004 - 11:59am
Oh Man, hugs to both of you!

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Mon, 08-16-2004 - 12:20pm

((((Hugs)))) to you both.

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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 10:44am
Poor thing, your daughter. Have you called the orthodontist yet? I wonder if he thinks patients are harder for him to deal with the second round of putting stuff in. I would ask him his philosophy on why he did it this way. That will give you insight into his ways. He should have a medical reason, or a reasonable reason, anyways.

Oh I am so not looking forward to this phase. Youngest will need braces soon.

My oldest only needed a Herbst appliance, and it made a HUGE difference in his jawline, and resulting tooth alignment. Of course, I had to FIGHT to get my ex-H to pay for his potion he was legally bound to do. He thought our son did not need anything; he did not base this on any professional opinions, he was just a cheapskate and would rather have spent the money on buying toys and having good times with his son. Sheesh. But I digress.

So my oldest had a Herbst appliance too, and near the end of treatment the little metal things (I forgot what they are called, they look like little shock absorbers) that connected upper and lower kept coming out and we had to run in and get then put back together. I don't remember it causing much discomfort for him. He looked funny though, and I'm sure he felt awkward. We have one year of school pics with him wearing it.

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Mon, 09-06-2004 - 1:55am
wow that is alot at one time my d has had braces for about 5 months now but she started with the expander. i would like to think it gets better but we have had nothing but problems. the wires cutting the inside of her mouth open and then they seem to brake for no good reason. but i can say as for getting used to them that happens pretty fast. good luck to you and remember that popcicles work great for pain and disconfort and that when all else fails you can always give her soup to eat.
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Mon, 09-06-2004 - 11:34am
I lived through that and have a beautiful smile to show for it! When the new procedures are done is the worst thing. After a few days the pain will die down and things will get really close to normal. So until something new is done she'll be fine in a few days. Also after she gets used to the braces, etc, she'll stop complaining endlessly. I remember distinctly going through this. My first set of braces was in 4th grade! (only on my front four teeth because one tooth was almost totally behind the other tooth - big teeth, small mouth) Had those for two years with an expander. Then got those off, and had a whole mouth appliance for something, then got a full mouth set of braces for another two years. I was finally totally done either during 9th grade or the summer before 10th grade.

I have to tell this story cause I still wanna hug the janitor again to this day! When I was in 4th grade wearing that expander, I had to take it out to eat anything. Well I took it out one day like normal, but forgot to pick it up when I was finished with lunch!!! See where this is going??? I dumped it along with my lunch at the end of lunch. I didn't remember it until next period!! I had to go down to the lunch room and ask if I could go through the garbage to find it. Of course the janitor wasn't going to let me do that, he did it for me AND FOUND IT!!!! I hugged him so tight and thanked him profusely for the rest of the year.

Anyway, didn't mean to go down memory lane! I just couldn't help myself! That janitor just meant a lot to me - he was my hero for a VERY long time.


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Tue, 09-07-2004 - 12:41pm
Hello and welcome.

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Thu, 09-09-2004 - 4:17pm
Oh you poor things! I'm sure it really does hurt. I won't go into my orthodontic experience (for MY teeth), but it involved oral surgery, and a number of other things you probably didn't think they could do to someone's mouth :).

My DD's consultation with the orthodontist is tonight...gotta get the check book fired up... He suggested originally that we do the expander first, and when that's all set, then the braces on DD.

I'm all for a benedryl to help her sleep once or twice. The pediatrician says it is not habit forming and will not hurt her.

The pain will go down, but with so much to get used to all at once, she is probably in agony. If she is not sore from teeth and jaws moving around, she probably has a raw tongue, sore lips, and weird sore things inside her mouth. There's just no way to get away from the discomfort...smiling, frowning, eating, moving your tongue around...you name it, it hurts. f she gets cuts in her mouth, I remember being told to do a warm salt water rinse. Doesn't taste too good, but it does keep things from getting infected. Just make sure it gets spit out.

Popsicles and water ice are also excellent suggestions. Motrin or Tylenol are a REALLY good idea.

I feel your pain!!