I need some thoughts here...

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I need some thoughts here...
Wed, 04-14-2004 - 9:05pm
I have a ten year old ds who excells at everything he does, especially sports, and when he came home from school a few weeks ago with an F in PE, I was shocked.

I went to my mother in law, who happens to be the secretary for the assistant superintendent for our school district... just to complain. She went to the A. Super and complained, and the A. Super already knew about it because they had lots of complaints from parents and she herself happened to have two dd's who also recieved F's in PE.

Well... the PE teacher teaches at two schools and at one school he sent home letters of explanations along with the option of making up the grade by writing a one paragraph essay on the importance of sportsmanship. The principal at our school didn't want to get involved, so letters didn't come home to us until my mil raised a stink with the A. Super and she made him send a letter home.

I FINALLY got my letter (a month later). Here is what it said:

"The letter is to inform you about your child's grade in PE. The grade your child received was based on a jump rope test we took together as a class. We spent the month of Feb. practiciting for this test. The student practiced 12 of the 14 skills they could pass off on the test. The students knew that this test was to be their grade on their report card. If they did the test, they would receive and A if they didn't they would recieive an F.

We started out doing two jump rope skills together as a class. After that the students were allowed to practice the other skills and then come up and show me that they could do the skills. At that time, they earned a pass/fail for that skill. Their final grade on the test was taken by if they came up and showed me any skills at all. Again, referring to them trying to do the test. Those that received an F simply did not even come up to me and try to pass of anything for the test.

Hopefully this is clear as to why your childs grade was the way it was."

Yeah... clear as MUD! My ds does not want me to do one thing about this. He likes the PE teacher and he doesn't not want to suffer the repricussions of being singled out by the PE teacher as the kid with the horrible parents. But... I think this is insane. My ds passed of 14 out of 16 skills, and he tried to pass off the other two but was unable after several attempts. I'm reading this letter as saying he didn't try at all.

Like I mentioned... the principal is doing nothing, and the A. Super is handling it all. I am also threatening to go to my neighbor and good friend who happens to be the president of the school board.

Should I drop the subject or pursue this because in my mind... this is just a$$inine! Who gives a 4th grader an "F" in PE anyway? Only a crappy teacher! One whom many people, mainly teachers agree should NOT be teaching elementary kids (he is also our local high school baseball coach and everybody agrees that he sucks at that as well).

So.... as a parent of a ten year old, what would you do? Thanks.

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Thu, 04-15-2004 - 1:06am

UGH - I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this.

Sherrie Rainbow