It's report card day! Brooke did great!

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It's report card day! Brooke did great!
Wed, 04-09-2003 - 7:14pm
She got all A's and a B in music. I believe that her music teacher is giving every child who didn't join band a B this year. She has always made A's in his class until this year. I have heard he has a thing against kids who won't join band. When she had music the first nine weeks she said all they did was watch movies and do worksheets. He didn't even grade the worksheets. He just looked at them to see that they finished them and handed them back. Yet she still got a B. This nine weeks she only had music on Friday and they missed nearly every music class because almost all of our snow days(15 total) were on Friday. She said they only had like 2 music classes all nine weeks so how he could give ANY child a grade is beyond me.

She made the honor roll again and her teacher gave her a really nice certificate for it.

My ds(7, first grade) also made the honor roll! He had all A's and S's except for a B in handwriting.

As long as they do well in their major subjects I don't stress over music, art or handwriting. I do encourage them to do their best and expect it of them.