Manage Middle School

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Manage Middle School
Sun, 08-24-2003 - 6:47pm
I know many of you have children starting middle school this year. Here's an article from Parent Soup. I haven't had a chance to read through it, so please feel free to post your comments about the article in this thread. Here's tthe link:,,262563_264613,00.html


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Sun, 08-31-2003 - 7:10pm
Great advice on dealing with middle school. Zachary so far has loved middle school. He is a very active kid and was getting bored of sitting still all the time in elementary school. I wish these things had been taken into consideration when I was in middle school I loved hands on activities and the lecture style teaching did get monotonous from day to day. Thanks for the link to the page it has as always in Parent Soup given lots of valuable info when dealing with the ds stuff!