Marvelous Monday

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Marvelous Monday
Mon, 01-23-2012 - 7:57am

What are you looking fwd to today?


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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 7:48pm
I am looking forward to food, a shower and my bed. Today I did some laundry before heading over to school. I worked in the office from11-3, did Homework Club from 3-5, now we are at boy scouts. no idea what dinner will be tonight. Either pizza or sandwiches or macaroni and cheese.
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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 7:27pm

Is it too early to be looking forward to the weekend?

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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 2:09pm

I am headed out the door to work, then to pick up DD when she finishes peer tutoring, shortly after I get home it will be out again to get DS,

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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 11:04am

Someone on the college board told me that when their seniors in HS start acting "flaky" it's called "soiling the nest", and they're trying to drive you as crazy as possible so that they can separate LOL.

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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 10:12am
Don't know that I'm looking forward to much but I'll spare you all the Debbie Downer... Today Evan has off and I have work so I'm dropping him off at the mall on my way so he can hang out at the bookstore and go to a mid-morning ortho appt. He and I will grab a quick lunch and then I'll take him to swim practice. This afternoon he wanted to go do a little shopping and then we'll pick up Megan from school and do the evening dinner/swim practice thing. Not sure exactly what's for dinner. I have a chicken that I need to use soon but we have some leftovers I would like to get rid of too. Guess we'll see what kind of mood I'm in.
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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 10:01am
My kids are BOTH pool/lake snobs. Last year Megan wouldn't even get in the lake qt her summer camp! We live about 2 miles from Lake Michigan and neither one of them will do more than put their feet in the water. Must be that competitive swimming thing.
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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 10:00am

The three of us are going to pack food for Feed My Starving Children.

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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 9:36am
Good morning, just going to take this as the Monday chit chat thread, unless anyone objects...

Long weekend, Jordyn and I didn't get home til almost 1 .am., so all I am looking forward to right this moment is lunch time so I can get a nap in. Nothing on the agenda for today as of right now other than cleaning up the house when I get home and making dinner.

Have a great day!
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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 9:27am

When I can go home and see my kids!

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