This may seem silly but ...............m

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This may seem silly but ...............m
Wed, 06-18-2003 - 1:06pm
I am just glad it is not a problem for ds Zachary anymore. You see when he was in 5th grade last yr they showed a film of middle school for them to let them see what it would be like. Well the one thing my ds noticed was on the film this kid could not get his locker open because he forgot how to work the lock and was extremely embarrassed about it so Zachary has been worried this might happen to him. SO yesterday when we got back from the park I got him a combination lock to practice on and although he messed up once or twice he has no trouble unlocking it now. So he is not as worried about that now but he is dreading getting his tetanus booster he hates needles. I told him it is only one shot and when he was 18 months old he got DTP,and MMR at the same time and he didn`t even cry . My question is are any of your ds or dd worrying about something this summer? I have not made a big deal about this stuff on purpose because Zachary is the kind of kid that if you do he gets anxiety from it. I am just wanting him to have a fun break and not worry about this stuff any suggestions as to how to get him to relax would be helpful. You also should know it has been raining like every other day here so instead of getting to go outside and play he has been stuck inside quite a bit and I think it is getting to him. TIA for your comments.
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Wed, 06-18-2003 - 3:23pm
Worry? My son? No, you have to be kidding. (Only kidding) My son is the ultimate worry wart. Every time the school showed a movie or had a presentation, he would constantly worry. I remember when they were going over cleanliness, germs, etc. in KG or lst grade (i don't really remember) he constantly had to wash his hands for fear of the germs. Not that that was a bad thing but it was starting to be obsessive/compulsive. He worries about smoking (like he is ever going to have to worry about that with us. We don't smoke. Nor does he. LOL or anyone in our family, extended included)

If they talk about cancer, illness whatever, he is worrying. He worries about anything. He has to make sure he kisses us goodbye and says I love you every time we leave the house so in case something happens, he would have at least said goodbye and I love you so we won't forget. It's sweet, but I hate the fact that he's so worried.

Right now he is worried that we will all die on our upcoming plane trip. He really wants us to drive again but we had to tell him that driving was probably more dangerous than the flight. I figured that would backfire on us too seeing as we are constantly in the car driving from place to place but it hasnt.


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Thu, 06-19-2003 - 7:33pm
First it was the tetanus booster. Then ds10 said, 'was that it?!' and that was done. Now, we leave for Boy Scout camp in Wisconsin 600 miles away this Sunday at 3am, and he's nervous (even though I'm going; I know for a fact he wouldn't even consider it otherwise). So am I!! But we'll get through it. The rest of the summer should be good, and he's eager for middle school, but I'm sure he'll get nervous about exactly who is in his home room...he always does...and now it'll include 3 other schools' worth of kids.


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Mon, 06-23-2003 - 11:26pm
Hi there. I've been away for quite a long time. Life's been just too busy to allow me to allow time for my on-line friends (sorry). Anyway, Jonathan just turned 11 yo and just finished the 5th grade as well. But, I'm the one stressing about the upcoming 6th grade and middle school. He thinks that this is the coolest thing. I don't see him worried about anything. I wish this wasn't the case b/c I think if he was more worried about the schedule he will have to keep he may be better at organizing himself.

Oh well, perhaps I'm wrong and he's right and everything will be terrific (one can hope I guess). Oh, he has one concern. THe school allows the freshman and parents to visit the school 1 wk before school so the kids can try out their lockers (our lockers come w/the combo locks so there's no practicing at home). Well, we will be on vacation at that time so I must remember to call the school and arrange a time for us to visit since we won't be around when the others are visiting. DS had a tour of the school a few wks ago and he said he was so sure he will be lost the 1st day. But he laughed about this. DS doesn't let this stuff bother him I guess.

stacy (we'll see as Sept gets closer!)

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Tue, 06-24-2003 - 9:20am
Gold star for J for not being worried! I think you're fortunate; easier than having an anxious kid. So, mom.... please keep your anxiety to yourself, LOL! You'll have to help him get organized either way.

Great to see you here, Stacy! Thanks for stopping by!



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