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Wed, 09-24-2003 - 12:51am
Dear Community Members,

iVillage member websites are provided free-of-charge to our members. We recently encountered serious problems because some individuals have misused this service by uploading MP3s, among other things. The types of files being uploaded are creating massive drains on the system, which caused our vendor to have to temporarily disable all access to websites this morning. Because of these problems, we will have to restrict access to the "build environment" for the time being. We are sorry that the actions of a few individuals are affecting other members of our community. We are working on a solution to this issue.

iVillage member websites can now be viewed by users, but, for the time being, can not be edited or expanded. If you are an active member website user this will not impact your page view numbers. Please continue to promote and visit your Member Website and your account will remain active.

Please be advised that those using iVillage member websites to upload music files are violating iVillage's Terms of Service and are subject to having their iVillage membership revoked, as well any applicable legal action for sharing copyrighted material.

Again, we're sorry that the actions of a few are impacting our community as a whole. Legitimate websites are once again available for viewing (and will accrue page views as normal). As soon as we can open up the build environment again without incurring illegitimate use of the service, we will.


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Sherrie Rainbow