Monday Chit Chat Thread

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Monday Chit Chat Thread
Mon, 04-29-2013 - 10:20am

Success!!!  Its Monday...  I hope everyone had a nice weekend, how are you today?

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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 5:58pm

Hi all, hope it was a good day.

Poor Kayleigh was the first student eliminatd in Assassins. The kid who had her was waiting outside our house since 5:30 in the morning.  Dh really should have driven her to school. 

Ian had a regular school day.  Both kids are on their way to a 4H TAG meeting

I covered for our classroom teacher for the morning. Things went smoothly. Four of our 12 students were absent.

After work, I had to buy some produce, then came home and was too tired to exercise. I made pasta with a cream/basil sauce and salad for dinner.

NOw, going to make a cup of tea, relax and catch up on tivo'd shows til it is time for DWTS.


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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 3:56pm

I am in the best mood!  It is all due ot the weather- sunny and low 70s.  I feel so refreshed.   This morning Zpeh worked on school early.  By the time I left at 9:20 for the vet, he was done with 3 subjects.  The pups and I had a good vet visit and then headed over to the doggy boutique and then for a short walk.  This is the first time I walked them both on my own and we did okay.   

 While I was gone, DH and Zeph went to Sears to buy a new hot water heater.  Ours is leaking and ruined the downstairs hallway and laundry room floors.  I'm not sure how my FIL wants to handle the flooring.  The plumber is here now replacing the water heater.  

Zeph and I went grocery shopping.  Then I made a late lunch of grilled burgers, corn on the cob, and watermelon.  YUM!  It felt so good to eat on the deck in the sunshine. That was suppose to be tonight's dinner, but I think we'll just have tuna croissant sandwiches (cheese for me) after tennis along with fresh strawberries and zuccini salad (suppose to be lunch).  After a bit Zeph and I want to go for a bike ride and then he has a bit of reading to do for 2 classes.   That might have to wait until after tennis.   I'm going out to read on the deck.

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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 3:54pm

Hi, everyone.  Weekend was OK.  Saturday DH and I took DS for his behind the wheel training.  It was a two hour session, so we went out for breakfast and ran some errands together, then putzed around the house in the afternoon.  We drove out and looked at some property we are thinking of purchasing.  The parcel of land is great, and the price is reasonable.  However, the house on the place needs a ton of work.  I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but just in walking around the place and peeking in the windows, I'm willing to bet money that it needs a new roof, new windows all the way around, new doors, and probably a significant amount of work in the basement.  The place was built in the 1920s and judging from the inside, someone made a misguided attempt at modernization in about 1972 and again in the early 80s.  There is 1970's style paneling on the walls, a drop ceiling like you would see in an office or in someone's basement, blue sculptured shag carpeting on the living room floor, vinyl tile on the kitchen and dining room floors, fake brick  on the kitchen walls, and 1980's style hideous track lighting.  I'm pretty sure we will NOT be buying the property.  Neither of us is handy enough to tackle this project and to hire it out would cost a small fortune.

Sunday was kind of stressful.  It was just kind of a gray, blah day, and having so many of them for so long is really starting to get to me.  I woke up out of sorts, and it was downhill from there.  There were a couple of families in church who were having a hard time controlling their kids, and I ended up sitting in the Narthex with DH and the other ushers b/c I could not concentrate on the sermon.  DS was surly because he'd been out late the night before and didn't want to get up for church in the first place.  Then we had a quarterly meeting after church, which I had to sneak out of to get some pictures for my final portfolio for school.  We got home and we had just enough time to change and head out to our afternoon activities.  DH and DS had a Jamboree meeting and I planned to go to the community play.  As soon as we walk in the house, DS announces that he needs patches sewn on his scout uniform.  That was no problem because I had some stuff called Badge Magic, which is wonderful.  So much more convenient than killing my fingers hand sewing.  Then he couldn't find his uniform pants.  After some searching, he found a pair, but he'd been wearing them as shorts for so long, they looked bizarre with the legs on them.  I told him to go find the pants I just got him a month ago and he couldn't find them either.  <<Sigh>>  He finally found them and then announced that he needed them hemmed.  He ended up wearing them as shorts because there was simply no way I was going to drop everything to hem these pants just then.  

I got to the play just in time for the play to start.  It was very funny and everyone did a great job.  Then I came home.  I shouldn't have done that.

DD and a group of kids in her Spanish class are shooting a video.  They were there just long enough to wreck the basement, decided to go and eat, and the video never got done.  The basement never got cleaned.  I was busy working on my photography project, so although I wasn't happy about it, I was too busy to get too bent out of shape.  Then when I went downstairs this morning and 1) saw how bad it was, 2) couldn't get the TV to come on so I could watch it while on the treadmill, and 3) realized that DD has no intention of doing ANYTHING to fix this, my mood took a nosedive.  I had to leave the basement after only ten minutes on the treadmill because the mess just puts me on edge.  I don't have time to deal with this.  I have a final this week, my photography portfolio is due along with other final assignments for that class, I have a paper to write that's due tomorrow, yet  my family apparently thinks it's OK to just leave their random crap all over.  I honestly feel like I am losing my mind, ladies.

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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 12:35pm

It was a quiet rainy weekend.  Tim did manage to get the grass cut though.  We had a slow start this morning.  Many of us had trouble going to sleep last night and so our morning was slow.  But the kids all got off alright and no one missed a bus.  All had clean PE clothes this week to start with also.  LOL  Don't ask!  I am at work and no one is here.  My office mate is out today and the keys that unlock all the stuff I keep getting asked about are locked in her desk.  No one ever asks for large envelopes and the one day a bunch of the professors come and ask for one and she is gone.  I think we need to put those keys somewhere else.  Even paper for the copier is locked up cause people come and steal it and those keys are in there.  I had to take my own paper and put it in the machine.  If I have to I will take my co-workers too to get us by for today.  Her and I can get more tomorrow.  I have been working on 4 projects I am done with.  Placing the paper work in these large binders where they keep info on the accounts and what is spent and the donations.  I have worked on my time sheet making sure I am make up the right amount of hours I missed or will miss this week.  Now, I am all done with that and have nothing to do.  This is a problem.  I need things I know I can come in and work on if my co-worker is not here.  Later I will go to another person and see if I can help her with anything.  It's almost lunch time so not now.  Probably wouldn't be able to fine her anyway.  I am working any extra hour today and tomorrow since I won't be in on Wednesday.  I already have over 3 hours of OT so not much to make up for. Nothing is going tonight that I know of but I am sure something will come up.  Always does.  Homework and chores are planned of course.  I have been thinking about the kids and what they will do while I am working this summer.  I think I have it worked out so they don't sleep all day and do nothing at home.  No details right now.

Dinner will either be leftover last nights dinner or something with hamburger meat.  I laid out the meat this morning so by the time I get home I will have it fiured out I hope. 

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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 10:33am

Good morning ladies!  A relatively smooth weekend at our house, prom was wonderful for Jordyn!  She is at home probably still sleeping.  She has a lot of studying to do as AP tests are the next 2 weeks, and then she has work this afternoon.  I should probably text her and remind her to make sure she can get into the chiropractor before she goes into work.  I am running errands at lunch today, need to see if Whole Foods has a few things I have been unable to find and don't want to have to order online if possible.  Tonight, home, homework, laundry, cleaning, and then relaxing after the kids go to bed.  Not sure what is for dinner yet, I didn't get around to putting anything in the crock pot.  We may either have leftovers, or I'll grill up some chicken and do veggies with it.

Have a good one!