my eleven year old is acting 16!

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my eleven year old is acting 16!
Thu, 08-12-2004 - 10:09pm

My 11 yr old daughter is hanging out with her older sister and cuzins,(when she stays at her dads)Then when she comes home ..she acts like shes 16 and she is a totally different person!

I say "Who are you?"

Where is my daughter"?

Then the next day she usually is her old self again and i say welcome back!

The person you were "being" yesterday...was rude.

Problem is the summer and now she has no interest (it seems) in coming home!

I believe it is because I have too many rules and when she is at dads, she has more freedom than i would allow

the next problem is that she no longer has an interest in her 11 yr old friends

we live by the beach.i say "Call a friend go outside..DO SOMETHING!"

Lets go swimming,lets go for a walk etc"

She has NO interest in doing anything anymore unless she can go and act like she 16

what do i do

I want my baby back

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Mon, 08-16-2004 - 2:05pm


I wish I had more to offer, but truly I don't.

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Wed, 08-18-2004 - 7:42pm
I read this post and though "Thank God its not just my 11year old acting like this"! My son is 11 and does this same thing...he acts like he is 16 bad attitude and all. Then the next day he is back to his old wonderful self again.

What has helped is not giving in. The rules of his life are set to be age appropriate no matter how old he thinks he is. 11 year olds don't do some things. Yes there are fights about this but in the end he gets it.

Maybe when they are 16 they will act 25 and we will be home free :-)


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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 1:26pm

Hello Kristen,

We're so glad you popped in to visit with us and commiserate.