Need advice for my 10 YO DD

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Need advice for my 10 YO DD
Tue, 07-24-2012 - 10:56am

So long story short is we are a few months post divorce and my DD has been going through tremendous change. Her dad and I split Jan 2011 and divorce was final 5/2012 due to the 1 year separation requirement here in SC. With that said both dad and I have moved on with our lives with others. Me and the kids have moved about 45 min from our family home into a new home with my significant other (both kids adore and approved and were a part of the decision process). We moved in June 2012. The same month we moved her dad left his significant other and moved in with a guy friend. He has also been seeing a few different women who HAVE met my DD (a whole new topic of discussion) which I don't approve of but what can I do right?

Well the real problem is that DD is now exhibiting behavior that seems to be lashing out at all of the recent changes. She says she hates her life and throws temper tantrums daily. I'm trying to get these under wraps at home but it's mainly when she has to go back and forth that I see the most "stress" from her. She says she hates her life and hates all of the changes.

I feel gut wrenching terrible everytime I hear it and the tantrums are not helping AT ALL!