Need help w/ 5th grade talent show.

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Need help w/ 5th grade talent show.
Thu, 04-22-2004 - 12:26pm
My daughter wants to be in the 5th grade talent show with 3 of her friends. She and one other girl can sing, but the other two don't care to. I was thinking of the two singing, while the other two did interpretive movements to the song. Do you all have any suggestions on songs, how to learn interpretive dance, or other good talent show ideas? They like Martina McBride's This ones for the girls. Help!! Thanks so much for any help!
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Thu, 04-22-2004 - 3:53pm

Hi and welcome, glad you popped in here.

Sherrie Rainbow

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Fri, 04-23-2004 - 4:09pm

I have been to THREE talent shows....My daughter has made it in to all three...I usually kinda secretly hope she doesn't LOL

Anyway, a few years ago, a group of fifth graders did a cute "act" to Madonna's "Girls just wanna have fun".