Need to vent about a party I'm having

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Need to vent about a party I'm having
Wed, 08-11-2004 - 11:35am
I'm having a party this Saturday night. It's an outdoor event, a luau. I've spent alot of money on decorations, outdoor lights, tiki torches, props, caterers, cocktails etc. I've invited alot of people, up to 65 my show. The atmosphere I have been working on to create is only conducive to it being outdoors. People may bring their children, although for half the night they will be outside until it gets dark. We could easily have as many as 40 kids. They are welcome in the basement, but it could get chaotic. I have hired some teenager to manage the house and kids so nothing gets wrecked.

I am just worried sick it may rain, because there is a slight threat of it. My house is big enough to have that many people in, but of course, they would be in various parts of the room and the garage will hold people who want to stay outdoors.

My vent is that the atmosphere is ruined if it rains. Yes, I know, people will have a good time. But I have gone to alot (and I mean ALOT) of expense to have the type of party I want. My indoor parties are different, with a different atmosphere, number of people, music, decor, etc.

I didn't want to have 60 people inside my house just to eat and drink. That will get boring. But being under the stars, on a warm night, with great music and lights creates a place where everyone will want to be and stay.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I'm just getting worried sick. NO wonder people don't go to the expense of outdoor parties.


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Wed, 08-11-2004 - 1:11pm