New here -- help, my kids are maturing!

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New here -- help, my kids are maturing!
Mon, 07-28-2003 - 4:04pm
My son is 10+ and daughter is 9+. I believe both are entering puberty and I am looking for others who may be going through the same. This is a whole new area of parenting that I'm not sure I can handle ... Also looking for web sites, books, etc. to help me deal with their moods, changing bodies, etc. Any reply would be appreciated!
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Mon, 07-28-2003 - 5:32pm
Welcome! Most of us here have children entering puberty. My son start signs before age 10, which surprised me. I have boy/girl twins who just turned 11, and I'm surprised that they both started around the same time.

For girls, there's a *wonderful* book published by Amercian Girl, called "The Care and Keeping of You". It covers many topics, including hygiene, so it isn't just about periods, etc. Many people here have recommended it, and it was great for my dd.

I have not found a similar book for boys this age, unfortunately. I hope someone else can post a recommendation!

Our school did a good job in 5th grade health class of discussing puberty for both boys and girls (separately, but both genders learned about both genders).

I'm glad you found our board and posted with us. Hope to see you often!




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Mon, 07-28-2003 - 9:09pm
What's Happening To My Body? Book for Boys and for Girls. Only have the 'for boys' version, but it's quite helpful. Recommended to us by the psychologist we use for some behavioral issues with my DS, so I think that's a pretty strong recommendation.

Good luck ... and welcome.



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Thu, 08-07-2003 - 12:50pm
I know your pain..and general feeling of wondering what in the world is going on..I have two girls. Oldest is going to be 13 the 26th of this month and the youngest is 10. My oldest has went through so many changes in the past year..not to mention all the clothes she has went through..I am trying to surf the net and find topics on teenage girls and make-up what kind do I buy for her..I never really was into make-up, she is however,so I am clueless as to what to buy a 13 year old girl,for like beginner make you're not the only one in this
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Fri, 08-15-2003 - 9:05pm
hi i have a ds 13 and a dd 12 i have seen it all in the past few years so if you have any questions feel free to ask me!